Arch Enemy To Release 'Khaos Legions' In May

Arch Enemy have set "Khaos Legions" as the title of their new album, due in May via Century Media Records.

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Swedish/German extreme metallers Arch Enemy have set "Khaos Legions" as the title of their new album, due in May via Century Media Records. The CD is currently being recorded at Sweet Spot Studio in the south of Sweden with engineer Rickard Bengtsson (who produced 2005's "Doomsday Machine").

Commented Arch Enemy drummer Daniel Erlandsson: "We had a very inspiring and creative time writing this album. I think this is definitely evident when listening to the new songs. There's tons of variation in the material, ranging all the way from very melodic to extremely heavy.

"As you can expect there's no shortage of killer riffs and intricate guitar work; the Amott brothers [Michael and Chris] have come up with some very cool yet demanding ideas!

"This album has some of the fastest songs I've ever recorded, along with a bunch of heavy pounding mid-tempo songs.

"As always, it's difficult to describe music in words, but rest assured this album will be one heavy f-cker!"

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    I so wanna hear this now. I still listen to Rise Of The Tyrant all the time. I love that album so much and if this is anything like it... And then there will be new Amon Amarth... how cool is that? All I need is something new from marduk and more more more of Brutal Rebirth and this year will kick ASS
    Dynamight wrote: I hope they spell "Chaos" right by the time they release it.
    K>C in the brutal world of metal.
    Fuck yeah! I've loved every single Arch Enemy album (Black Earth being my personal favorite). It's nice to see some actual metal bands getting ready to release actual albums. Instead of has-beens and puffs that usually circulate around here.
    Duality Ninja
    This and Amon Amarth, both of which new releases I became aware of on the same day, have blown my mind just through announcements. This is going to be a good year.
    the 2 different release dates reminds me of the fundamental theorem of calculus.. f(May) - f(March)
    between this, the new vader album, new amon amarth album, new devildriver album, and the 10 or so other promising releases for 2011, i have to say: it looks like an epic year for metal!
    AmottPetrucci61 wrote: Hopefully March, they have released a few studio reports and some parts sounded really heavy.
    EDIT: According to their website its gonna be may
    You know, Arch Enemy is probably my favourite band. I liked all of their albums and I even started listening to Carcass awhile back (in some ways I believe Carcass is better than Arch Enemy, but I still prefer AE.) Anyways, one of the things I really like about this kind of music is that they can do the really heavy, brutal sound with a more mature, refined touch. A good example of this is the song The Last Enemy, I loved that song a lot. On the more "mature" angle, compare the lyrics, especially from Rise of the Tyrant, to another bande like Cannibal Corpse. While CC is pretty awesome too (I think so anyway) AE has a much more serious feel to it I think. Before I go too far off with this, the whole point I want to make is that "Khaos Legions" while I think it has a nice ring to it, should be spelled properly. If this was Cannibal Corpse, a band whose lyrics frankly are meant to be taken as seriously as a group of Kindergarteners tooling around, I wouldn't be complaining. Arch Enemy, in my opinion, is a band that is supposed to be taken more seriously than most. Deliberately misspelling Chaos just seems really pretentious to me. Sure, bands like Dethklok and Megadeth misspell death, but the word "deth" is more of an established tradition. Besides, they just dropped a letter and made it a four letter word rather than making it a word for people who play too much Mortal Kombat. The word "Chaos" to me is more dark and brutal. It's like "YEAH! LET'S GO BE HARDCORE, BRUTAL METALHEADS WHO SOMEWHAT KNOW WHAT THEY'RE DOING!!!" while "Khaos" is more like "YEAH! WE KNOW HOW TO MISSPELL WORDS TO BE PRETENTIOUS AND TRY TO LOOK COOL BECAUSE WE DON'T WANT TO BE TAKEN SERIOUSLY!!!" Personally, I think if they were going to take the route that they did they should have been more creative and just made their own badass word for the album title, like Lamb of God did for "Killadelphia". I'm not a big fan of LoG, but I think they really nailed it for that title. Am I right, or am I just taking this "K" thing too seriously?