Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner Joins QOTSA

The singer joins the ever-growing roster of guest collaborators on their next album. Meanwhile, ex-Mars Volta drummer Jon Theodore is rumored to be their full-time touring drummer.

Ultimate Guitar

Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner has joined the roster of rockstars who will appear on Queens Of The Stone Age's new album.

Josh Homme produced Arctic Monkey's 2011 album "Suck It And See", and has apparently invited him to join the long-awaited QOTSA album due in June which is ironically called "...Like Clockwork".

It's not clear exactly what Turner will do on the album, but his role was revealed on a new press release which also revealed former Mars Volta drummer Jon Theodore as another drummer on the record, alongside Dave Grohl and former QOTSA drummer Joey Castillo. According to Antiquiet, Theodore will in fact be the full-time touring drummer for the band.

Another late addition to the list of collaborators is UNKLE's James LaVelle.

There's so many guest collaborators now that it's getting hard to keep track, so here they are again: Dave Grohl, Mark Lanegan, Nick Oliveri, Trent Reznor, Jake Shears and Sir Elton John. And those mentioned above. Phew.

Is this a QOTSA record or is it starting to be more like Homme's famous "Desert Sessions" recordings where he would invite a big group of select musicians to jam with him? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    I'm so excited about this! Turner is an incredible vocalist and lyricist, and I think that the Monkeys' latest releases have proven how great he sounds on harder tracks.
    UG with another misleading headline, what a shock. "Arctic Monkeys' Alex Turner featured on new QOTSA album" Not hard
    Excuse me while I spank my arctic monkey, this album just keeps getting better and better!
    Most QOTSA albums have had plenty of guest appearances...still QOTSA to me.
    DAMMIT, Ultimate-Guitar. PLEASE, may this reach you. YOU. ARE. WRONG. Josh Homme did NOT produce Suck It and See. The album was produced by James Ford. Homme produced seven tracks on Humbug. THAT'S IT. All of your writing staff is AWFUL. Get your facts straight.
    I never knew John Theodore was doing some drumming as well, that's cool he's a sweet drummer. QOTSA are really hyping this album up. Don't let me down!
    Speaking of Desert Sessions, I'm guessing the new QOTSA album will cover either A#1 or Rickshaw. Oh my god the next few weeks will be exciting.
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