Arctic Monkeys Announce 'AM' as the Upcoming Album Title

The band also revealed the album tracklist, guests and release date.

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Arctic Monkeys have announced details of their new album, including the title: "AM."

As NME reports, the band's fifth studio record will be released on September 9 and features 12 tracks including the new single "Do I Wanna Know?" The song "Mad Sounds," first played at the Hultsfred festival in Sweden earlier, also appears alongside 2012 single "R U Mine?"

Produced by James Ford, the album features appearances from Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme plus former the Coral member Bill Ryder-Jones and Elvis Costello's drummer Pete Thomas. The words of punk poet John Cooper Clarke appear on the track "I Wanna Be Yours."

Arctic Monkeys headline Glastonbury festival this Friday (June 28), performing on the opening day of the festival on the Pyramid Stage. Drummer Matt Helders has said that the band plan to "have a bit of fun" with their setlist at the festival on what will be the second time that the band have headlined the Pyramid Stage, following their appearance in 2007. "I'm prepared for what it entails in way, but I think in terms of preparation we can mould a different kind of setlist for it and have a bit more fun with it," said Helders.

The 'AM' tracklist is:

01. Do I Wanna Know? 02. R U Mine? 03. One for the Road 04. Arabella 05. I Want It All 06. No. 1 Party Anthem 07. Mad Sounds 08. Fireside 09. Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High? 10. Snap Out of It 11. Knee Socks 12. I Wanna Be Yours

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    Reading: "the album features appearances from..." Hmm, let me guess, Homme? Continue reading: "...from Queens of the Stone Age frontman Josh Homme..." Yeah, baby, that's nice
    Glad they put R U Mine on it, bloody love that song! Should be a fantastic album
    I find it a bit strange that they're putting it in an album way after it's release, but the song does deserve it
    Great tune though, Biffy Clyro did it with Mountains and Only Revolutions. They obviously want to keep it in the set list etc. I'm heading of to Glastonbury tonight so I'll catch their set I seen them back in 06 and Glasto 07 too not the best presence live but they sound solid and have good tunes.
    Yeah Biffy did it with Mountains. They said it was because they regret not putting Hope for an Angel (a live rarity and fan fave) on Blackened Sky. I guess it's just so it has a 'home' and isn't forgotten. Although R U Mine was so good it wouldn't be forgotten anyway
    I've heard of this group but never listened to them before now, if there stuff's the same quality as that song then I'm in. It's always great to find good sounds.
    Glad they stuck with James Ford as producer! He is doing a great job. Guitars sound incredible!
    "09. Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High?" Josh must have been giving drugs to some monkeys
    Bloody hell, what a year for music. Honestly though, I liked Suck it and See, but it was their weakest album IMO. "Do I Wanna Know?" sounds boss, so I hope the album comes out at least as good as Humbug.
    I really hope its going to be a good album, because honestly... 'Suck It And See' was pretty disappointing for me.
    Hmm Beady Eye just did this too...
    I think the people downvoting you don't understand the reference.
    I think you're right... For those that don't I was referring to the fact that Beady Eye just released an album with the initials of the band i.e BE and AM
    "R U Mine?" Why not just call it "Are You Mine?"
    I'm sure your the kind of person who just gets up and starts nit-picking about everything to everyone. "Damn you people who stir your coffee's clockwise instead of anti-clockwise"
    Saw 'em last friday. Their live shows keep getting better and better Which is great because, as much as I appreciate their work, their last couple of records (Suck It in particular) were good but not brilliant imho, so I'd probably be skipping them if it felt like I was gonna see the same show as I did back in '07 or whatever. Turner in particular seems to be growing more confident by the day and there's always a few pleasant surprises on that setlist
    After their second album I wasnt sure what direction they were headed but I hung in there and gave the past couple albums a chance and they grew on me obviously their first two albums are the best but the stuff they put out lately ain't bad either I'll be a fan of these guys until the end
    Humbug>first two albums.
    you think humbug is better than whatever people say I am... I know its your opinion but that's just rubbish
    Whatever People Say I Am was a pop record, they learned to be much more experimental with Humbug.
    I wonder if they're kind of going for a Velvet Underground thing with the title. I'm not sure if any of the Velvets' members chose the album title "VU" since it was released way after they disbanded
    VU is simply an abbreviation used by the fans/press/everybody, innit? I think it's not official lol.
    obviously you guys aren't aware of the album "VU"
    I was talking about the album, man. Seriously, I see people calling the album "VU", but Velvet Underground themselves never said anything about the title, so I dunno.
    Ah, my mistake, I completely forgot about the b-sides album called "VU", I was thinking about the album called "The Velvet Underground", released in 1969. That being said, yeah, it's possible that the Monkeys are going the same way.
    I didn't even know they were still going, the fact that their lungs still fill with air kinda saddens me.
    Every one of their albums has gone straight to number one. Out of touch much?
    No I just don't pay much attention to shit indie bands.
    Yet you come see their articles and comment just out of spite because your backend is hurting?
    So you denounce a credible genre of music as shit based on what? You're lack of knowledge on them? Some of the most poetic and progressive bands are indie bands. The maccabees, AM, the Libertines, etc. You're ignorant.
    The lyrics on the last two albums have been nowhere near as good as the lyrics on the first two...