Arctic Monkeys Producer James Ford on 'AM': 'All Bets Are Off'

The band wanted to "push things on and do something different" on this album, he says.

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Arctic Monkeys producer James Ford has said that "all bets were off" when the band recorded their latest album "AM," NME reports.

Ford, who is also one half of Simian Mobile Disco, has recorded all of the band's material since 2006, as well as the Last Shadow Puppets' album and Alex Turner's soundtrack to the film "Submarine." He co-produced the band's fifth studio album at LA's Sage & Sound Studios with Ross Orton and it will be released on September 9.

Speaking about the making of "AM" to NME, Ford revealed: "On the last record we tried to do a 'band in a room' type thing, with barely any computers used. It was very much to tape. But this one was a case of 'all bets are off'. The band wanted to push things on and do something different.

"So to move it on and make it sound different we were very open to using bits of keyboards or drum machines, or whatever worked for the song really."

When asked if he had a brief for this album, Ford replied: "There was no brief other than to make an interesting album. Obviously I'd seen the songs as they were demos, and I think that around the time of 'R U Mine?' they struck upon this riffy, slow and heavy thing. But then with this slightly strange hip-hop, slightly R&B sense to some of the melodies and structures. There was a bit of that in there.

"Really, they just wanted to push it on and do something different, and keep moving forward. My job is to really to try and help bring their ideas out and distil and crystallise what they want it to be, and help them achieve that. There's a Sabbath-y thing in there too, but obviously it's all filtered through Alex's songwriting and the band's playing."

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    They've yet to release an album I don't love at every song I've heard from this is sounding incredible... I'm anxious to hear the final product
    I can sense a "seventh son" (keyboards ect.) style shift here, but that is no bad thing in my eyes
    I suppose that even if AutoTune were used, it would be used in a practical way, or a tongue-in-cheek humorous manner. The Arctic Monkeys have always been a band with great productivity, and I don't see why this album will be any different. I personally love the way they change their sound every on every album that they record. So I look forward to this.
    As a BIG Arctic Monkeys fan, I'm afraid I can smell autotune from here...
    doubt it, i don't think thats what they mean. I think they mean that they dropped the ideology of trying to capture "that live sound" and went for a studio project instead. Its likely that the live renditions of the songs will sound slightly different than their recordings, more raw and rock-ish. no shame in that, if we wanna hear the record we can stay at home haha
    Don't worry, bro, it's just the stink of all the money they're sinking in, atm
    Even though your comment is out of context, most artists these days use autotune on their recordings. No, not like the robot effect, but they use it to fix small vocal issues.
    Incredible producer! Glad he's getting some recognition. Simian Mobile Disco have some good songs too! "I Believe" is a great song by them!