Arctic Monkeys To Release New Album In 2013

Band's fifth record could be out this year.

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Arctic Monkeys have annnounced plans to complete and release their fifth studio album before the end of 2013, Gigwise reports.

The record would be the follow-up to 2011's "Suck It And See" and, while the band haven't yet recorded anything specifically for the album, they're "definitely happy" with the way things are going so far.

Speaking to BBC Newsbeat, drummer Matt Helders said: "Hopefully we'll get it out this year - that's the plan. We've just been working stuff out with the band. Nothing serious yet.

"It's just been us four working stuff out like we used to I guess. We had a bit of a break. It's always weird when you first get back into it to know what kind of songs we write any more."

Helders' mother accidentally admitted last year that the band were recording in the desert. Frontman Alex Turner also gave some information away, saying that the album will feature "heavier tunes."

He added, "We did 'R U Mine?', and I think that's where it's going to be at for us for the next record."

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    If its anything like 'R U Mine' I'll be a happy chappy. The last album was cool but needed more energy.
    Is it too much to ask for something like "Humbug"? Hopefully not.
    Hopefully with them recording in the dessert it will go in that direction. I wouldn't mind hearing them mixing in the vibe that 'R U Mine' or 'Evil Twin' in the new album. It's nice to hear them change up their sound a bit and go a direction that you don't expect them to.
    Heavier tunes? I'm in. There were some great riffs on their last album, I was really into the heavier side of it.
    I'd like to here something with a sharp edge like Crying Lightning or Dangerous Animals from Humbug but less lad rock than Don't Sit Down or R U Mine.
    Love the Arctic Monkeys but "Suck It And See" was very disappointing for me. "R U Mine" wasn't bad though, I think they'll put out some good tracks on this one.