Asking Alexandria Cover NIN on New Compilation

artist: Asking Alexandria date: 02/06/2014 category: new releases
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Asking Alexandria Cover NIN on New Compilation
Asking Alexandria and Falling in Reverse are listed among the performers on an upcoming "Punk Goes '90s Vol. 2" compilation featuring modern acts covering some of the classic '90s tunes.

The record's track listing reveals that Alexandria delivered their rendition of Nine Inch Nails' "Closer," whereas the Falling in Reverse crew went on the rap side and performed Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise." The rest of the covered tunes include Foo Fighters' "Everlong," Smashing Pumpkins' "Today" and more. Details below (via PRP).

In related news, singer Danny Worsnop hinted at a possibility of switching to rap domain in the near future. Without revealing much detail, he told Sofa King Cool, "I definitely should do some rapping sometime."

"Punk Goes '90s Vol. 2" Track Listing:

01. Get Scared - "My Own Worst Enemy" (Lit cover)
02. Memphis May Fire - "Interstate Love Song" (Stone Temple Pilots cover)
03. Asking Alexandria - "Closer" (Nine Inch Nails cover)
04. The Color Morale - "Everlong" (Foo Fighters cover)
05. Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! - "All Star" (Smash Mouth cover)
06. Mayday Parade - "Comedown" (Bush cover)
07. Motionless in White - "Du Hast" (Rammstein cover)
08. Yellowcard - "Today" (Smashing Pumpkins cover)
09. Hands Like Houses - "Torn" (Natalie Imbruglia cover)
10. The Ghost Inside - "Southtown" (P. O. D. Cover)
11. Falling in Reverse - "Gangsta's Paradise" (Coolio cover)
12. Ice Nine Kills - "Good Ridsance (Time Of Your Life)" (Green Day cover)
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