At The Drive-In Plan Vinyl Reissues

Their first and last albums will be reprinted on vinyl this spring, after years of being out of print and commanding high auction prices.

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At The Drive-In plan to re-issue their first and last albums on vinyl this year.

Their records have been out of press for years while the band went on an 11-year break before reforming for a run of shows in 2012, and command high prices on ebay.

Now 2000's "Relationship Of Command" and their 1996 debut "Acrobatic Tenement" will be available this spring from the band's own Twenty-First Chapter label.

To celebrate record store day, a limited run of colour pressings will be available.

"It was interesting to revisit the recordings that bookended the first chapters of our band," said guitarist Jim Ward. "The earnest and pure excitement of the beginning and the level of craftsmanship we achieved by 'Relationship Of Command' leaves me nothing but proud. I am happy these records have found their way to continue to feel new as people discover music they love and embrace our work."

Meanwhile, the Mars Volta (which was formed in the ashes of At The Drive-In) has announced it will split up.

Singer Cedric Bixler-Zavalas dissolved the Mars Volta last week because fellow band leader Omar Rodriguez-Lopez had turned his attention to side-project Bosnian Rainbows. Cedric also criticised Omar's performance at the At The Drive-In reunion shows last year.

"I tried my hardest to keep [the Mars Volta] going, but Bosnian Rainbows was what we all got instead," said Cedric in a series of tweets. "I can't sit here and pretend any more."

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    I wonder what Cedric said about Omar's performance, I remember everybody excusing his lack of energy by saying that Omar's mother passed away which I don't think was the reason for it. Whatever the reason, Cedric's performance at the reunion wasn't that great either. His voice sounded shitty for ATDI.
    have you ever lost a family member? do you lack empathy? you can not speak for someone else. you obviously have no idea what losing someone like your mother does to you, or any family member for that matter. And Cedric's voice wasnt bad, do you realize how long he has been singing/screaming? how can you be so unappreciative? Nothings ever good enough. lol well your name speaks for it self.
    I'm excited to see this, when In/Casino/Out and Vaya came out as reissues I ordered them as fast as I could. They are one of my favorite bands and I'm glad they are making the vinyl available for us who weren't into collecting music at the time of their peak. Also, I feel bad for the guy who is trying to sell Relationship of Command for $159 on eBay now that it's getting reissued.