At the Gates Entering Studio Next Month: 'Album's Complete, Just Needs Final Arrangements'

artist: At the Gates date: 06/03/2014 category: new releases

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At the Gates Entering Studio Next Month: 'Album's Complete, Just Needs Final Arrangements'
At the Gates members Tomas "Tompa" Lindberg, Jonas and Anders Björler have talking with Noisey about the recording of the band's new album. As the trio note, the record is written, and just needs some final arrangements:

"We started really early, and the process started last summer, actually," said Anders. "We had a full concept last fall, even. A lot of the song titles and lyrics were already written like half a year ago. Now we have everything done."

"The album is complete," Jonas chipped in. "It just needs the final arrangements."

Tomas elaborated further: "Especially with this album there was really two ways we could go into it. We could be really calculating and go, 'Oh sh-t, this is really important. People are gonna really expect a lot. This is the most important album we've done.' We could go into that way and overthink everything, and we're still very meticulous about all the details, of course, but the other way would be just to go wherever the thing takes us. It sounds very cosmic or philosophical, but the music is out there. You just need the f--king medium to get it out to the people."

The reunited Swedish metallers are set to begin recording "At War With Reality," the follow-up to 1995's classic "Slaughter of the Soul" next month.
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