At the Gates Releasing First New Album in Almost Two Decades This October, Present Cover

"At War With Reality" coming on October 28, details inside.

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Swedish metal icons At the Gates have officially announced the release date of their first studio record since 1995's "Slaughter of the Soul."

Titled "At War With Reality," the album is due on October 28 via Century Media Records. Apart from the release date, the band has also unveiled cover artwork, several confirmed song titles, as well as a few comments from vocalist Tomas Lindberg regarding the album's lyrical concepts.

"The concept of 'At War With Reality' is based on the literary genre called 'Magic Realism.' The main style within this genre is the notion that 'reality' is ever-changing, and needs to be constantly re-discovered and re-conquered. We felt that Costin [Chioreanu]'s artwork style would be the perfect visual contribution to this album, so he became the natural choice," the singer stated.

Check out the artwork at the following link, more info coming soon.

"At War With Reality" Confirmed Song Titles

Death and the Labyrinth
The Circular Ruins
The Conspiracy of the Blind
Order From ChaosEater of GodsUpon Pillars of Dust

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    I have never digged this band, but I'm glad they've come back with a new album. For now, let's just wait 9 more years for Necrophagist to realease a new album :C
    Can the one guy who knows Mohammad that sometimes checks this website out PLEASE GIVE US AN UPDATE ON THE ALBUM?!!?
    If it is remotely similar to Slaughter of the Soul or The Red in the Sky is Ours, my two favorite releases by them, it'll be freakin' awesome! Definitely the best reason I can think of right now to look forward to October