Audioslave Prepare New Album

artist: Audioslave date: 04/01/2009 category: upcoming releases

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Audioslave Prepare New Album
Audioslave frontman Chris Cornell has revealed that the band finished writing all of the material for its third album. The announcement was made during October 29th performance at New York's Madison Square Garden. The group then played one of the tracks that'll make the LP. Cornell said the song was still untitled, and even had its lyrics written down on the stage so he wouldn't forget them. "I only wrote them last week," he said. Later in a dressing room, Chris Cornell admitted he was nervous about the gig Audioslave was about to play, reports Dan Aquilante from the New York Post. Even though Cornell has played in Madison Square Garden a number of times as the frontman for Soundgarden, the singer felt the pressure of this being one of the most anticipated gigs of the fall. "I'm almost never nervous, but this is like a hometown show to me. My wife is from here, and we have a lot of friends and family here tonight." Audioslave is currently in the middle of their first major North American tour since the release of their sophomore album, "Out Of Exile", which finds the band headlining arenas on its own for the first time. Audioslave did a short run of North American dates just before "Out Of Exile"'s May 24 release. Find the original article at this location.
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