Avenged Sevenfold Album Preview - Listen

A 50-second preview of their new album is streaming now, and it sounds huge.

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Avenged Sevenfold are streaming snippets of their new album, which you can hear in the player below.

The untitled preview first appeared on the strange radio player on the Avenged Sevenfold website, which the band revealed last month. At first it only played clips from across the band's career, but fans recently spotted it streaming new material this week.

If the YouTube rip posted below is taken offline, you can find the original clip on the band's online radio player by clicking the left button and turning the left dial to 13. The video can be found by clicking the right button and turning the right dial to 00.

Avenged Sevenfold aren't the first band to offer a radio-like player on their website. In 2011 Foo Fighters offered a similar app, which previewed tracks from their then-forthcoming album "Wasting Light."

Hear the first full preview clip from the new Avenged Sevenfold album here:

Here's the original teaser clip with new drummer Arin Ilejay:

What do you think? Post your first impression in the comments.

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    The background to the video kind of reminded me of the artwork for 'Appetite for Destruction'...
    Guns N' Chains
    Yeah, I think that's where the idea sort of comes from. They are hugely influenced by Guns N' Roses.
    M. Shadows now has a mullet? And Johnny Christ grew a beard? Also, that new drummer looks like a skinnier version of Bruno Mars. Looking forward for their new album, though!
    Though I have to say I do wish they wouldn't change the way they looked since it was part of their "character" I guess you could say. Not that it matters, It's hair, who cares really. Though I should point out for Shadows that James Hetfield was ashamed of his ultimullet, so it's your call bro.
    Guns N' Chains
    Yeah, I agree with kLeft. Don't judge a band by their looks. Unfair to do. And I wouldn't necessarily call it a mullet. Why is it nowadays that when a dude has long hair it is automatically called a mullet?
    Classic A7X fan right here. Judging the band on their looks and not the music. Does the mullet somehow effect his songs or are you just a douchey, professional hairstylist?
    The mullet affects the acoustic-qualities of the vocal-booth, and softens the mix quite a bit /bullshit
    Just so you know UG, they also posted three tour dates in the UK and hinted at further dates to be revealed world-wide.
    Don't worry, UG will cover that next week
    Tomorrow news: "Avenged Sevenfold drummer The Rev passes away"
    why did i just up vote you..... if i'm up voting you, wouldn't it mean that i think it is funny you are making a joke due to the rev's passing? or does it just mean i agree with the comment due to u-g's timing on releasing articles late.....
    Relax, man. *bringing a chair* Here, sit and take a deep breath. Here's a paper bag in case you need to hyperventilate.
    I use to be a huge fan of Avenged Sevenfold during the City of Evil stuff but not so much anymore. I want something more interesting by them, like Syn is such a good guitarist and Shadows is a pretty good vocalist - I feel like they could be a much better band.
    I agree. I feel like they could at least be doing way more experimentation, and stretching their creative muscles, but they never really seem to push their sound very far. I just have a soft spot for them since they were one of my first 'metal' bands.
    They tried doing that though on their self-titled and ended up with some pretty bad reviews.
    I came to that crossroads too, then I ditched their crappy bandwagon once I realized they're nothing but a Hot Topic advertisement. Talented on their instruments? Hell yes, without a doubt. But they're a schtick, making music that one easily grows out of by the age of 19.
    I'm 37 and I dig 'em. One of the handful of younger bands I can even stand now days. They have ballsy music, unlike this emo, hipster crap that's everywhere.
    Irwin Navarro
    Excited to hear Arin's work on the album. I guess its safe to say he's a permanent member \m/
    Read the drummer's name 3 times as Arejay, was getting extremely excited. Good stuff nevertheless.
    sounds very similar to a black album-era metallica riff. which is a good thing because it kicks ass
    WTF. I had NO clue they were recording an album. Sounds pretty sweet. I love the thickness of dem guitars.
    Sounds great so far. It really seems like they have worked hard and are proud of this one.
    A strange preview, because it doesn't really showcase too much of anything here. No leads or vocals. Just a riff. But if I were to speculate based on this clip (which is just silly), I'd say that it sounds like they might be going back to a more "Waking the Fallen" kind of vibe here. Again, we haven't heard the vocals, and we've only got about 30 seconds of a most likely 60+ minute album. I'm excited to see what direction they take this in. I'm also to hear Arin's drumming on a full length. I thought he's been really solid live, and I liked his drumming on "Not Ready to Die" and "Carry On" a lot.
    The riff and vocal-work are my biggest gripes with Carry On. I'm happy to say I have absolutely no issues with Arin. The drumming is near-Rev level, and the fact that they showcased it in Carry On's drum solo is only a plus. I'm looking extremely-forward to this, especially as it was just announced that A7X will be at the Gorge Amphitheater in George, WA on Sep 6&7th. Gonna be a killer-show!
    Haven't listened to the snippets yet, but I'm hoping for better or worse that they continue to take chances and create a different album that those that came before it. Whether I've liked the outcome of their albums or not, I can respect a band that continually makes unique albums instead of falling into a mold and pumping out the same album repeatedly. That being said, I hope there's more of a City of Evil feel to the album and less of the somewhat commercialized sound that's more present on the s/t and Nightmare.
    They said that they were actually heading in a classic direction. They said they are writing more along the lines of Iron Maiden, and Led Zeppelin. That being said, the clip definitely has a Sad But True vibe to it.
    Quite looking forward to this, would like to see them be more experimental with there sound mind like the self titled, either way I'm sure ill enjoy it
    Actually kind of bored with this preview. But I haven't been disappointed by an A7X album yet, so I'm excited nonetheless.
    It sounds really exciting [ironic mode off/]
    And your username is named after a Paramore song... you must be very qualified to make that statement. /irony off
    Because one can be "qualified" or "unqualified" to make an opinion on a subjective topic in the first place right? Stop being a douche. I'm ****ing sick of elitist metal-heads that think just because someone likes certain music, they have no right to an opinion. You're making the rest of us non-douchey metal heads look bad.
    Nice try. Except it doesn't make me an elitist by pointing out that a person who has a pop punk/emo band as a main listening preference isn't qualified in the first place to judge a metal band.
    Also I'm amazed at the things that people will up and down vote around here. It just shows a certain level of bias and immaturity.
    Doesn't sound like much to look forward to.
    it depends from what perspective you are looking it, if you are a rock fan and you started the rock journey with legends like Chuck Berry and you kept following the change of rock and roll you will find that riff awesome. But if you started listening new era rock probably you will see it as your comment says. Not saying that the new era rock sucks. I like many new bands and some hardcore songs. Btw looking forward to the new record, in this moment I need new music specially very heavy. Sabbath, Megadeth, A7x and Alter Bridge what a year
    ZOSO <(")
    This preview reminded me too much of distrurbed... I'm sure the album will be good but I'm worried now lol.
    My problem with the band itself is the fact that their lyrical direction is aimed at the kids. Now that truly isn't a bad thing considering their fan base is mostly youth. But what about the fans from a long time ago? I tried listening to the new album, hell I even bought it. But I couldn't handle the lack of maturity in their concepts... Like what kind of twenty year old can jam to the music when singer is like "Hey kid! I know what your missin" or something like that. I liked their music not only for the sound, but bcause I was able to relate to it growing up. I'd like to be able to relate to it... That's the reason their latest album wasn't on my playlist for very long... Too childish.
    Will this A7X album be another aimless mess? Or did they hire a producer to finally give them some much needed direction???
    I loved the self titled album, but I'm almost positive that this album is going to be awful. The Rev wrote almost all of the self titled album and the only stuff worth listening to on Nightmare was stuff that he had contributed to before he died.
    Maybe if you're basing A7X's career off of those two albums... However, The Rev wasn't writing too much material on Waking the Fallen and City of Evil, which were A7X's two breakthrough albums. Not knocking The Rev's writing or anything. Personally, I think his contributions were great to the band, and I love the pre-Avenged Pinkly Smooth album.
    The Rev had a sick-twisted-beautiful-juvenile-evil-genius sense-of-humor. He was so unique and awesome with his lyrics and so out-there with his ideas that you just CANNOT knock him for it. A Little Piece of Heaven is BY FAR my favorite piece of A7X material. He was just so beautifully original. That's what we lost as a writer, and they lost as a brother.