Avenged Sevenfold Announce Album 'Hail to the King'

See the artwork and release date for their new record which is due this fall.

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Avenged Sevenfold have revealed all the juicy details of their next album "Hail to the King," which will be released on August 27.

Fans discovered the album name and artwork, which you can see below, in an online scavenger hunt which led them across the internet to different pieces of the puzzle.

The band returned to producer Mike Elizondo who also worked on 2010's chart-topping "Nightmare" album. Describing the sound of the new record, frontman M. Shadows said:

"The new album has a lot more of a [Black] Sabbath / [Led] Zeppelin feel to it than 'Carry On' [their contribution to the latest Call of Duty soundtrack]. There's definitely more Sabbath in what we're writing, and we're proud of 'Carry On', but this album is going to be on a whole new level."

It's the first album to be written entirely without drummer James "the Rev" Sullivan, their lead songwriter, who died in 2009, which the band accept has pushed them in a different direction.

"We had a decision to make on this one," said Shadows. "The decision was, okay, do we just make a record that everyone expects us to make, or do we just move forward and make another, different record that we feel more comfortable with, and we chose the latter. So right now we're looking forward to doing something new and exciting and fresh, and hopefully people give it a shot and like it."

See the Avenged Sevenfold artwork for "Hail to the King" here:

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    The album cover is cheesy
    Like... bizarrely cheesy. It's so out of character, that I'm kind of hoping it's just a joke cover so they don't have to show the proper artwork yet.
    I think it is more out of character than cheesey though. Looks like a cover art for some online MMORPG imo.
    Honestly.. I thought this was a joke cover when I first saw it.
    I assumed it was the cover for the titular single. Maybe it is and their was confusion. I think it looks like a 3 Inches of Blood album cover done by Disney
    I was seriously thinking this when I saw it. Spot on, but yeah it's kinda uncharacteristic of A7X, as their album art goes. But maybe it's a good thing
    Their album cover for Nightmare definitely looked a lot better than this one, but hopefully this it won't be official.
    It's no cheesier than a lot of Iron Maiden album covers. /shrug
    I wouldn't call Maiden covers cheesy. They keep a general trend of the band's mascot and artistically pretty well done. IMO
    I LOVE Iron Maiden, and even I would agree their album covers are cheesy. Cheesy need not necessarily mean bad, though.
    I'm not a fan of Iron Maiden's music, and they do have a few really cool album covers. You've got to admit that a lot of them are pretty cheesy, though, regardless of whether Eddie is involved or not. This Avenged Sevenfold artwork is arguably as bad as any of Iron Maiden's though; it looks like one of the band members made it in about an hour on a computer graphics program that they weren't completely familiar with. I really hope they didn't pay somebody for this.
    No I see where you are coming from. And I mean it's art in the end, people percieve and view art very differently for sure. I wouldn't say I am a huge Maiden fan either, I like some of their songs but just not my cup of tea. A7X's cover is not the best. I keep getting downvoted for asking why it's cheesy lol. But I'm willing to admit that ,yeah, the more I look at it, the more cheesy it gets haha Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, something people on UG don't always get and I respect it, some people don't like seeing the same thing over and over again in album art and some do.
    Btw I'm not trying to diss you up there, I just thought it looked funny. I actually love Avenged Sevenfold's City of Evil era stuff, I just think the artwork of this album compared to CoE is far less visually stimulating.
    The X Factor, Virtual XI, Dance of Death. Crappy album covers, if you ask me. Dance of Death was attempted work that wasn't fixed. Look at the crappy CG that's clipping itself on the cover...
    Same excuse to A7X, they always seem to feature a skull and bat wings. I just see it as on the same theme as usual.
    Why do you think it's cheesy? I'm actually curious?
    It looks like a third-grader in elementary school has done it...
    I would place the skill higher than a third grader...
    It looks like a fourth-grader in elementary school has done it...
    I think what you guys mean is.. the cover art looks so simplistic that it could be an album AIMED to 3rd or 4th graders... I don't think any elementary school kid would be able to pull that kind of art off.
    They actually said it's a concept art so I think (and hope) that they will have a better version.
    Fellas, take it easy on me. I worked hard drawing the cover with my crayons.
    This stuff was only announced today, I'm shocked UG covered it so fast. Usually they wait about a week. That is a terrible album cover though imo.
    The Rev had been an important part in their music. It should be interesting to see the extent of this Arin Ilejay kid.
    Well.. Personally I like Arin's drums more (so far) than that of Rev's. Live, and in Carry On and those little snippets we've got so far. Getting a lot of hate from rev fans for this..
    No hate from this Rev fan. A lot of the attitude towards Arin is so misplaced. It's not like The Rev quit the band... he died. They could put ANYBODY behind the drums (and they did with Mike Portnoy) and a lot of Sevenfold fans would still complain. It is physically impossible for The Rev to be in Avenged, so I will never understand why so many fans complain that Arin isn't The Rev... I think Arin is a killer drummer, and I'm really excited to see what he brings to the album. He's very faithful to The Rev's parts and style live, and he even plays a lot of stuff The Rev even stopped doing. I think they made the best choice they could have made with Arin.
    the REV is NOT the "primary" songwriter, he wrote the drums and a couple of the songs hahah! But what he did write, was awesome
    the rev wrote alot of their lyrics actually...
    His writing really only started to take off on the self-titled. The Rev's contributions on "City of Evil" and "Waking the Fallen" were just about the same as the rest of the band.
    I actually kind of like the cover. Not something I'd expect from Avenged but it's kind of engaging in its own way.
    Another awesome summer release from A7x. I can't wait!
    As long as we get a Duke Nukem cameo.
    i think you meant to say Ashley J. Williams/Bruce Campbell. Its alright, I forgive you.
    I meant Duke Nukem. Duke Nukem Forever. Hail to the King, Baby. (HD) >inb4 "it was in other stuff first" Idgaf about Army of Darkness.
    Okay, this drives it home that 2013 is the best year for music in a long while.
    No. We have Super Collider, 13 and Halo Of Blood... 2013 can in no way be a good year for music. Triviums album is the only album I know will be good.
    to say super collider and 13 are bad is retarded, for one megadeth didnt get wose they just produced an album with another style change but it was still good and heavy, 13 was basically old sabbath imo with some drum effectiveness down because bill ward wasnt there, along wih AIC released a solid album just im missing the power and range of laynes voice if that was on the album it woulda been perfect
    Defending Super Collider is pointless. It's bad music with generic guitar riffs and poorly-written lyrics. Listen to it for the music and not because it's just Megadeth.
    Dude, there's been some pretty titsalicious albums this year that i've bought on the day of their release: Deceiver of the Gods, ...Like Clockwork, Infestissumam, 13, Halo of Blood, and The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here. If you hate those albums, then I apologize on behalf of all these bands for trying to be progressive
    Listen to Evile - Skull. that album alone can change your opinion on 2013
    New Dillinger Escape Plan album kicked some serious ass, so did House of Gold & Bones Part 2. New Dark Tranquility is awesome, and Killswitch Engage released their first album with Jesse back. 2013 has done pretty well in my book so far, and I can't wait for Trivium's new album.
    I actually kind of like the artwork. I didn't at first, but it grew on me, and it gives some nice imagery to the sound clips they've released so far. At any rate, it'll be good to hear this new direction they're going in. My inner fanboy has been waiting a while for this album.
    I have to admit I am really not a fan of the cover art specially in avenged standards, But then again it is all based on the music so i shall still listen. The previews sound quite promising to me though
    I've been waiting so long for this. It's going to be sad knowing Jimmy didn't play on this album, but I have high expectations for Arin.
    They could put a pony on their album for all I care, I'm just glad to see them putting out more stuff. Still in my opinion it is sub-par artwork for what they used to have. Anyone know if they changed artist or something?
    Honestly, if it was just a picture of a pony, it would be an immensely better album cover than this (especially since it would be kind of funny if it still had the same title).
    The artist was Cam Rackam, the same guy who designed the deathbat. He does do more detailed and impressive art, but when it comes to oil paint, like this cover, its a bit bland.
    Although he's been friends with the band since high school, Rackam didn't do the deathbat. Micah Montague drew it.
    at least it's not as bad as Slash's debut album. it's like the mid 90s got poked in the butthole by 2002 and graffiti became awesome again.
    Lucy Struthers
    True, that was bad, but after I hears the music I got over it! Apocalyptic love's album art was quite an improvement.
    I hope that artwork is only a joke
    To be fair the album art concept isn't really THAT bad, City of Evil and Diamonds in the Rough were kinda cheesy too, but they looked very cool and nice. This one's idea is kinda silly, but what brings it down is how it looks like the artwork from a f***ing Sega Mega Drive game.
    Le Fantome
    Am I the only one who legitimately really likes that album art? But then, I am a huge fan of cheesiness in general, so...
    This is why I like A7X so much. Every album has something new to offer. They're not going to AC/DC route and releasing the same album over and over just with a different name.
    Everyone is worried about the cover art? Is that what makes or breaks songs these days?
    Well, an album artwork can seal off a fantastic album. Look at covers like Dark Side of the Moon, Master of Puppets and Witness. They all add to the feel of that album and really enhance the experience of it, whereas a tacky album cover and title can ruin it. Imagine if something like Dark Side of the Moon was called Tripping. It would not have had close to the impact it did.
    Who cares about the cover, I see it for 30 seconds while I'm opening the cd to put in the player. Glad they didn't rest on their laurels, and decided to keep it fresh like they have with all their releases. I don't want another Nightmare/City/Avenged, I already have those albums.
    yeah font itsnt great, and bit of lame name imo ohwell still will be interesting to see what they've come up with. Wasn't a big fan of carry on so glad they say its different
    this album is said to be like sabbath and zeppelin. Zeppelin and Sabbath are from over 35 years ago, retro to todays time. Iron Maiden is A&X's personal favourite band. This album is retro to fit the retro theme, with Sabbath and Zeppelin style music, and an Iron Maiden like album cover, it all fits together
    I dunno why everybody hates the album cover, looks fine to me. I'm not really an A7X fan, but actually like the cover. Bring on the red thumbs! Unpopular opinion alert! DIVE! DIVE! DIVE!
    im excited. a7x have done an impressive job of keeping me surprised with their talents.
    This is just the concept cover artwork. It appears everyone has gotten the wrong information and media is saying this is the album cover.
    I'm friends with Cam Rackam (the artist) on Facebook. This is 100% his style, and it's the album cover. Not a concept cover.
    I'd be embarrassed to buy the album with an album artwork like that. Hope it's just a joke, but I doubt it.
    The Rev brought so much to this band some people dont realize how much of the older albums he wrote. and not just drums but guitars and lyrics too! Rest In Peace REV. Rest at ease.
    It looks like the projects I used to make in my Digital Design class back in high school, and those were terrible.
    Nothing like riffs and solos you've heard before, heard done better before, with sub par vocals and lyrics piled on.
    Why is every one saying this cover isn't up to their standards? ?? Other than city of evil, all their album covers are pretty meh, seventh trumpet had purple babies, waking the fallen was just the death bat in black, self titled was just the death bat in white, the nightmare single cover was better than the nightmare album cover
    I guess Nightmare set the bar pretty high and this one wasn't quite what people expected. Just other people's opinions I guess.
    HA purple babies. that one was shitty, but the deathbat ones were making a statement, nightmare was pretty sweet & city was striking. Diamonds in the Rough was quite interesting seeing skeleton versions of the band ;D
    I never thought their album art was terribly good, except for a few single covers. This one reminds me of City of Evil, kinda.
    No Rev.. No Portnoy... Comparing themselves to bands that are bigger and better.. I got a bad feeling about this. Shit's gunna be 10 tracks like Critical Acclaim, Almost Easy, and Brompton Cocktail..
    Avenged Sevenfold: "The album is going to have a Black Sabbath feel to it" HavokStrife's response: "It's going to be ten tracks like Critical Acclaim" ...wut?
    Now I love A7X, but that album cover and title is just retarded. Couldn't they think of anything better? Like "The Seventh Lair" (which was the name of one of their teaser videos)? Even the font looks like shit!
    so what about the music????? sounds like a change in direction. Maiden artwork is way way more professional than this. Just look at the detail.
    Can we refrain from putting Maiden and Avenged Sevenfold in the same sentence? We're talking about commercial quality versus a Wal Mart product, here.
    I hope they bring the rev back for this album, that ilejay kid isn't my favorite.
    I don't mind it. I mean it seems okay. I like what I am hearing about the sound anyway, which is more important to me.
    legend shredder
    The idea for the artwork is fine, however I think it could be less cartoony. I really liked the detail that went into the Nightmare cover, and even City of Evil, so something along these lines picturewise, however with better detail would be good, especially as I only buy vinyls these days. Beyond excited for it's release anyways.
    Album cover looks pretty avetrage to be honest, just hope the music is better
    I feel like this album cover is just a rough draft. Seems like they would go with something a little more eye catching considering how close to a color scheme this is to City of Evil. relapotatoivly sub-par but I'll still pick it up when it comes out.
    Am I just imagining things, or does this look remarkably like The Trooper single cover? Am I imagining things?