Avenged Sevenfold Announces Free LA Show

artist: Avenged Sevenfold date: 08/16/2013 category: new releases
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Avenged Sevenfold Announces Free LA Show
To celebrate the upcoming release of their new record "Hail to the King," Avenged Sevenfold decided to host a free LA concert at the iconic Hollywood Palladium. The show is set to take place on August 26, a day before the album's official release. As the website announcement reads, tickets will be available at "a few places around Los Angeles and Orange Counties" and are non-transferable. Meanwhile, bassist Johnny Christ discussed the new effort with AMH Network, suggesting that the band strived to achieve a sonic slam. "We really wanted to make an eclectic hard rock record that slams sonically," the bassist said. "It's kind of like bare bones with a guitar, a vocal and some drums all up in your face. Huge. We really studied some of the bands that had done it before, their ways and what it takes to sound sonically huge. Listening to stuff like Led Zeppelin and AC/DC, we were just listening to see just how they achieve that. We noticed that a lot of it was the space." Christ explained further, "We wanted to make this groove record that had a lot of face and keeps slamming at you. The main riff of the songs is that same theme that keeps coming in and out. That's kind of the theme for the record but each song has its own piece to that puzzle." "Hail to the King" is scheduled to land on August 27 via Warner Bros. as a follow-up to the 2010's "Nightmare." The record was previously announced with the title track single earlier last month.
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