Avenged Sevenfold Hit The Studio To Record Follow Up To 'Nightmare'

Avenged Sevenfold have confirmed that they will be in the studio next month to record the follow-up album to their 2010 album "Nightmare".

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Avenged Sevenfold have confirmed that they will be in the studio next month to record the follow-up album to their 2010 album "Nightmare".

Singer M Shadows confirmed to NME that their sixth album is almost ready to record: "This album's a little more groove orientated," he said. "There's a little bit more groove to it, a little bit more focused on bigger riffs. So that's where it's headed every song has gotta have a huge riff and every song has to have a groove to it."

The California metallers have also written a new song called "Carry On", which appears on "Call Of Duty Black Ops II" and features the band performing the song as digital characters during the end credits.

Speaking about the game, M Shadows revealed that the band were "really honoured to be made into, you know, immortalised on a video game". He added: "At the same time, it's really cool that it's on the 'Call Of Duty' game 'cause we're big fans of the game."

Scroll down to watch the video of Avenged Sevenfold in "Call Of Duty Black Ops II".

Avenged Sevenfold released their debut album "Sounding The Seventh Trumpet" in 2001. It was followed up by 2003's "Waking The Fallen", 2004's "City Of Evil", and their 2007 eponymous fourth album. The band's last release "Nightmare" came out in 2010.

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    I hope they get more back to their roots with this one.
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    I hope it sounds a little more like City of Evil than anything. Wonder who is drumming. If it's been mentioned already I am unaware.
    They're sticking with Arin Ilejay for the studio even though he isn't a 'confirmed' member. Matt said that it's meant to be heading back towards the 'older style', hopefully City of Evil. They also said the albums got more of a Black Sabbath style to it.
    City of Evil was by far my favorite album from them.
    I have to agree. City of Evil and their self titled album were great. I haven't really listened to Nightmare. And The new one is gonna be kind of sad 'cause the Rev is gone...
    Waking the Fallen more than anything, songs like Chapter Four, I Won't See You Tonight, Second Heartbeat etc were great
    I hope more of a Waking the fallen sound. love that album. maybe mixed with a bit of City of evil. Also love A7X 2007 album and Nightmare, so i just hope for a good album. hope they dont become like BFMV.. ugh..
    I hope they go back to a "Waking the Fallen" / "City of Evil" kind of thing. I love the genre experimentation, but I think it's time for them to put out a solid metal record again. "God Hates Us" and "Not Ready to Die" is a step in the right direction. They admit that "Carry On" was written in a week and based around the requirements Activision set (Fast paced, under 4 minutes). Even so, it wasn't a terrible song... just far from their best.
    It's been almost 3 years since Jimmy passed... Come December 28th, I'm gonna listen to the entirety of the self-titled album, plus "Fiction" from Nightmare. Anyone with me?
    Done and done dude..... The mother fuc%ing Rev is such an amazing musician..... Avenged is so awesome.....
    This album will be interesting. The Rev won't be writing most of this new album. But I'm pretty sure it will be pretty heavy. Don't anyone worry about Avenged Sevenfold, they will kick ass like usual.
    Every band says their new album is going to be more groove oriented.
    ive noticed that too. im interested to see how much groove this album will have, considering Pantera is one of their bigger influences, they have a lot to live up to when it comes to groove
    As long as it doesn't sound like their last single, Carry On. That was atrocious.
    I like them and even I thought that wasn't very good. Bad song for an average game I suppose.
    I heard they were asked kinda last minute to do it and needed to throw something together. Even though I wasn't a huge fan of it, it was worth it just to see them in that final scene :
    I thought carry on was very similar in style to some of the songs they did on their self titled release. It's not their best work i don't think. it's certainly got a pop element to it. i like the guitars on it though
    Read the interview with Revolver. Shadows says that Carry On was just a fun song they wrote in like a week and that it isn't really going to be indicative of the direction the album will take. It's just a bonus track basically like some of their other ones for CoD like 4 am etc
    Dude for your perspective perhaps, magazines review give that song a high rating. Only talk for yourself. I personally love that song
    On Loudwire News M. Shadows actually said that the new album would have a Led zeppelin/ Sabbath Feel to it. sooo super exited to hear what they do with that influence in mind.
    I like A7X but not a fan of screaming vocals. A good growl here or there but not entire songs.
    It's actually because of A7X that I started getting into the heavier metal. The full scream kind
    C'mon UG! Your articles are good enough without having to copy and paste from NME! Anyway, I'm certainly a believer in A7X. Power to them.
    For christ's sake write better songs than Carry On..that song was the dullest thing I've heard this year.
    I'm looking very forward to this. "Carry On" was kinda "meh", but Nightmare (sans "Victim") was one of my favorite albums out of 2010, and "A Little Piece of Heaven" is in my list of top 5 songs of the 2000's.
    Nightmare was good but it wasn't my favorite album. I was just happy they stuck around through all the hardships they had to endure with the Rev's passing and such. I bought Nightmare on iTunes and physical copy to support them. I would be really happy with an album similar to their 2007 self titled or a little City of Evil.
    the song wasn't bad, but I'll still give the album a listen when it comes out.. i hear more of a 'Diamonds In The Rough' sound. as long as we don't get a Nightmare II album, i couldn't get into that..
    Diamonds in the Rough was a collection of B-sides, covers, and remixes. How can that be representative of an album?
    should be interesting. i liked nightmare, don't like the new single. didn't like the self titled, curious where they go without the rev. either way, i'm glad the boys are back in the studio again
    Hope is more old school, 70s and 80s the true rock, nowadays no so much but I still respect the new era.
    matteo cubano
    I Hope it sounds nothing like anything they've done yet. I love how every album is different.
    Come on, can't all of us rock fans just get along so we can band together fight the evil forces of Bieber and Minaj?
    Looking forward to it. If it's orientated around Waking the Fallen or City of Evil style, then it's gonna rock.