Avenged Sevenfold Post New Song Snippet

Hear another new material teaser from the band's upcoming album.

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Avenged Sevenfold posted another video teaser from their upcoming studio release, Loudwire reports. The short snippet really packs a punch, featuring one of the new songs from their recording sessions with producer Mike Elizondo.

The band has been very mysterious about the release date and fine details of their new disc, estimated to be out at some point in the summer or early fall. They've also kept things top secret regarding the dissemination of all the clues leading to video teasers and first listens to their new material. Their official website has been taken over by an old school radio featuring a dial that can be turned to hear hidden tracks and treasures.

The band has recently posted the video featuring footage from the sessions with producer Mike Elizondo and new music snippet.

The new release will mark the band's sixth studio album and the first written entirely without James "The Rev" Sullivan. Sullivan, their former drummer and major songwriting contributor, tragically passed away in December in 2009. Sullivan was a part of the writing process for the band's latest record "Nightmare" before his passing, although he did not play drums on the record.

While fans wait for more information on the new album, Avenged Sevenfold will be making a few live appearances this summer including stops at Rock USA festival, Heavy MTL and the Aftershock festival.

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    no mater how much hate these guys get,they do have some great songs and talent.
    Tons of talent its the posing that puts me off.
    What exactly are they posing as? Playing instruments? Being fans of metal? Making music? That's such a misguided insult. Calling someone a "poser" is so 7th grade.
    Its hardly an insult.Just my observation.Watch the afterlife video and tell me that wasnt full of smugness and just general posing.
    Something tells me that's just jealousy of the fact that they're famous and you're not. Source: I've been guilty of this in the past, before my mental age caught up with my actual age.
    You know what i give up.Im sorry i cant have a opinion that differs from yours.Ax7 rules.
    You can have your opinion that is different from others just as much as Tom, Jmar, and DofaGod can have an opinion different from yours.
    Right so if you dont like a band or a celebrity you automatically have to become jealous.I had no idea lifes priority was to become famous.
    I'm with you actually. There's a very "high school uber cool hair gel and crotch pose" thing going on in the limited stuff that I have seen that just turns me off.
    And the rest of today society is any different? just look around.
    As excited as I am, that radio thing on their website frustrated the hell out of me. Can't wait for this to drop after the great job they did on Nightmare!
    Nightmare was utter shit!
    agreed. it was garbage. i wanted to like it, but no matter how much i listened to it, it always bored the life out of me. considering eveything that was going on with the band at that time, it seemed to lack passion and focus.
    I wouldn't say utter shit but I think its safe to say their albums have been getting progressively worse(imo since waking the fallen)
    I really didn't like Nightmare at first, but the more I heard it, the more I think it's actually their best album yet... not that it's really that great, but none of their other albums are, either.
    why does this band get so much hate? They're a great hard rock/alternative metal band! Their music is very diverse, they have plenty of great metal songs, M. Shadows has a great metal voice, and they have never done anything wrong really. I know some people hate them for leaving their metalcore roots, but there are more than enough metalcore bands out at the moment, so quit your bitching.
    Van Guff
    Exactly! For what they offer now, they are a fantastic band, one of my favourites! I think people do need to stop being so close minded with regards to genres. There'll always be someone who doesn't like it, but everyone needs to understand that the band progressed. They've become a more mature band and their sound has matched that. I for one am highly excited for the new album!
    matteo cubano
    and they didn't stand out as much when they did metalcore, he's your average screaming vocalist but a singing voice like shadows' needs to be utilized.
    I personally find them to be awful. The vocals are terrible and the songs are just meh. A band for teenagers. Very overrated.
    Every band was for tenagers once in their lifetime The Who,The Stones,The Beatles,Led Zeppelin,Deep Purple,The Grateful Dead,Judas Priest,Iron Maiden,Metallica, Nirvana, Soundgarden, the list goes on
    Guns N' Chains
    Good point. On a side note, I ask why is it that the assumption of rock and metal music is only for teenagers and young people? I understand where this comes from, but its unjust. And I understand people grow up with these bands. But, I CAN NOT stand when someone says, "you'll grow out of that stuff" or "someday you'll appreciate real music with real meaning". First off, what does that even mean? Second, I do appreciate other music and respect all musicians regardless of genre, but this assumption is just arrogant, imo. Not to stereotype, but I guess the old dudes with long grey hair at your local metal concern never "grew up" but cause they still enjoy rock and metal music. And I guess all the rock and metal musicians still writing and playing rock/metal music are doing it strictly for $. In that case they all should just change genres and write and play country music. /rant.
    What's wrong with a band for teenagers? Who doesn't just love releasing that inner-teenage angst every once in awhile?
    Lee Makky
    This is quite different! Really looking forward to hearing what they've got to offer, especially after the success of Nightmare.
    I don't think it deserved to be that succesful as it wasn't as good as City of Evil, or their self-titled one for that matter
    I wish they'd just post a song already, so far it sounds like its gonna blow goats
    matteo cubano
    though I want a song too, this shit sounds pretty cool so far, im impressed with how it sounds, other than that last one that sounded like "little peace of heaven", it sounds like a new direction for them. and it sounds good. that is based off about 1 minute of music between 3 combined songs
    matteo cubano
    all of that said, hearing the intro I can't help but picture Will Ferrel standing in the doorway staring at a drumset
    Avenged doing Power Metal? Fuck Yes!
    Guns N' Chains
    I thought the same thing. Gave me a Rhapsody of Fire vibe. Sounded pretty cool.
    Face R1pper
    What are you people talking about? This sounds nothing like power metal. Just because they use a dramatic choir intro doesn't automatically make it a power metal song.
    Guns N' Chains
    True. Let me rephrase, the INTRO had a Power Metal vibe. NOT the entire snippet. Listen to Rhapsody of Fire, many of their songs start out in a similar fashion.
    I'm a huge fan(as you may guess), I just wish they'd stop leaving us all hanging. They keep saying things like "soon" or dropping a certain number of days as if some huge piece of info is gonna be said, and then nothing but a clip or a tour announcement. I just want some new material already!
    I just wanna know what they're avenging seven times over. 'Cos when something really gets on my nerves, I only avenge them twice
    They're probably raging over somebody making a remark along the lines of "I don't really think your band is that great" or something to that extent. You know, the way all of their fanboys always do.
    It's a reference to the Bible, like a lot of their stuff(although I don't think any of them are Christians)
    Considering the two tracks that have come out post-Rev, I'm cautiously optimistic. Loved not ready to die, but was indifferent to their most recent song. It was ok. These clips are decent, and this one is my favorite so far, but I'll wait before getting too high or low until we get some complete songs.
    It may just be a snippet, but it is one snippet too many. What gaudy, juvenile, pointless "music". I'd rather listen to a bunch of eighth graders struggle to play smoke on the water. At least they can explain their mediocrity and have some heart.
    I like it. It's the heavier direction I wanted them to go to for the past few years. I hope the rest of the album follows along with what they've previewed so far. As solid as the self-titled and "Nightmare" are, they're overdue for another "Waking the Fallen" or "City of Evil." I feel like they fell into a formula with "Nightmare" so I'm hoping this breaks them out of that rut. I thought "Not Ready to Die" was one of the better songs they put out in the last few years. I'm optimistic.
    did nothing but cringe listening to that clip.
    Same here. Not trying to bash them, I just can't listen to them. Just my preference, though.
    their lyrics have always let them down if you ask me. suer, they have some decently written ones, but thats about it. musically, they're fine.
    Objectively, I'm going to tell you exactly why I don't like this band, since so many people are mentioning it in the comments. Most importantly, people worship this band as if they're some sort of modern day metal wonder when in fact they're average when compared to their peers. The dumbass stage names are ridiculously childish. Everything they release is banal because I've heard it before, and I've heard it done better. Last but not least, their vocalist has a sub par voice when compared to other metal acts. I understand why you might love them, but you need to understand why I don't, as well. This is a two way street, folks.
    I think they're really regretting the stage names right now, especially Synyster Gates, as everyone else's at least has a real first name. It seems that m shadows and Syn are trying to use their real names more often in recent interviews. I have no problem with stage names though, look at guys like Slash and Dime.
    Those stage names are badass. A7X's stage names sound like the alter egos of adolescents. Sure, they started young, but dear God drop it before your 20s.
    Until they get a new singer I won't be able to listen to anything they put out. M Shadows is hands down one of the worst vocalists in rock, especially when he tries to hit high notes.
    It's just a matter of taste, technically he is one of the best singers out there, but he has a very distinctive voice so you may not like it. I think it is amazing!
    I think he's actually a damn good singer, but his voice isn't for everybody. If I was gonna complain about one aspect of it, though, it would definitely be when he softens it up and gets all whiny and nasal.
    just like how everything has a peak period. it sounds like avenged have already peaked
    It honestly sounded like Toby Turner doing one of his literal trailer songs.
    Not too sure why you got downvoted - that was my first impression too! Although I do like the sound of this regardless.
    Sounds like Iron Maiden or Raphsody. Lame.
    I think that's the first time Iron Maiden and lame have ever been used in the same sentence. I hope for your sake that it's the last.
    Guns N' Chains
    Those bands are NOT lame. And why be surprised? Iron Maiden is an influence on them and maybe they have been popping in some power metal albums, which isn't a bad thing. With that said, the album supposedly has a Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin feel to it according to M. Shadows. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
    You are right. Lame would be a compliment. You're right, probably shouldn't be surprised that terrible bands are influenced by other terrible bands. A Led Zeppelin feel? So what, they are going to blatantly rip off a band that gained all notoriety by blatantly ripping off an entire genre of music with decided plagiarism?
    Guns N' Chains
    So the music I enjoy and consider good is **** and the music you like is the holy f***n' grail. Typical, but Gotcha. And talking about Led Zeppelin, ripping off and plagiarism in the same sentence? GREAT band, but they are notorious for ripping off other artists and taking that music as their own like you allude to. And why is "influence" referred to as "blatantly ripping off". In that case hasn't EVERY band and artist that has come out since time ripped off someone? Guess I am ripping ALL of my influences off by creating similar music with my own spin on it. Might as well stop now.
    This coming from a person with a picture of a cat for their avatar...
    You don't know nothing about nothing. Dracucat is amazing so just hush. Actually, what does having a cat as my avatar have to do with anything? I don't like that this sounds like those bands 'cause I don't like those bands. Dracucat ain't got nothin to do with it.
    kill it
    I have no idea why bands do this snippet crap. If you are really releasing some great stuff let's hear it, or are you just giving out bits because there is no real substance. Some say it is a tool to build hype, I just find it boring and overdone. How often lately does the marketing and hype of bands releases meet expectations.
    The things with all the vocals is a little strange.. but that verse-sounding stuff afterwards was pretty rocking. Liking what Shadows is doing vocally, which is a good thing. I've been worried with every album since he had surgery. I wish he'd just ****ing scream again. In an interview he said he could do it better than ever, but chooses not to.
    I think it's sounding pretty cool, I wasn't a big fan of the last two albums so hopefully this one can get me back into the band.
    so far i'm getting a bit of A little piece of heaven vibe from the stuff they've posted
    bob bla babla
    Anyone who says avenged sevenfold is bad, or lyrically and musically inadequate is just false. The time, talent, and effort that these guys have put into their music shows in just how great their music is compared to other bands and genre's of music. It's epic, carefully structured, and just spilling over with talent. And this new album by the way, is a classic, hardcore, ****ing bad ass classic metal record. Influenced by the rock gods like sabbath and metallica. I creamed my pants listening to this little preview.