Avenged Sevenfold Premiere New Single

The new album's title track is available for streaming.

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Avenged Sevenfold presented "Hail to the King," the first single from their upcoming album with the same title, Deathbat News reports.

The follow-up to 2010's "Nightmare" is scheduled for release on August 27. It will be the sixth record in the band's catalog and the first since the band's founding drummer James "The Rev" Sullivan passed away and was replaced by Arin Ilejay.

In a recent interview with Kerrang! the A7X frontman M. Shadows stated that the likes of Pantera, Metallica and Megadeth were the new record's main influences.

"We feel that metal dropped off after the '90s in terms of production and songwriting," Shadows said.

Listen to "Hail to the King" in the player below.

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    It's definitely something different for the band, and that's not always a bad thing for bands to try out new sounds. This just doesn't work for me, it's missing their signature touch. It's a good song, but I feel like if someone told me this was a cover I wouldn't be surprised. It doesn't feel natural to me, but time will tell when we have the full album to listen to so we'll see.
    You've basically written my feelings on it. It doesn't seem to be as alive as their other songs, if that makes sense.
    I get that feeling because its the first song ive heard from them that i can remember that doesnt have overdubbed/double tracked vocals.
    2 words.. The Rev
    Problem here is they even said the rev would have done the drumming the same, and they didn't want anything over the top. But there's going to be a lot of hate on Arin regardless
    a drummer
    i think he was refering to his songwriting honestly. The Rev really took it down a notch after CoE so hearing them continue with back beat drums is no surprise. Arin is really good, remember, great records can be made with simple drums.
    Yeah. I think he's talking about The Rev's songwriting. I mean, he helped write and compose songs with other instruments, and his songwriting was just amazing.
    not exactly. arins drumming on not ready to die kicked ass. and the rev used lots of simple drum beats too.
    it sounds like a freaking drum machine! same effin beat thru the whole damn song. no good fills or drop beats or anything. a 3 year old could play these drums.
    It's a bold move. But regardless on your thoughts on how the sound is...to me, it is impressive that A7X seem to make a living changing up their sound and doing it to a point were all people whom have known them from their beginning when they were much heavier, to the times they dealt more in melody and "radio-friendly" music as you might say, but now this would be their 3rd time changing up their sound in what will become their 5th album. Not only is that ballsy as hell, but it can only be because of two things that a band like this...who switch things up as if it's normal, could ever keep a steady fan base. 1) Even songs that don't fit your preference in music, you at least feel comfortable enough to catagorize it as a guilty pleasure song. 2) They have the musical ability to take ideas and execute successfully. They'll never be the same again...but who's to say they're done surprising us?
    Agreed. It's really subtle too. When I first heard Nightmare or Critical Acclaim it was like "whoa". With this it just kinda drags for 5 minutes and doesn't have that wow factor that they usually have.
    Yeah idk, like it doesn't have that.... "Sinister" touch to it like the other albums did. It's a solid song and I'm still looking forward to the album otherwise but, i hope they don't lose that edge that I (And I'm positive a lot of others) loved about them a lot
    I don't think I could have said it any better. I agree 100% here.
    I'm glad they're trying new things. It sounds like a throwback to bands like Metallica, Maiden and Megadeth, which is pretty cool of them. In fact, it could be the most classic metal style song the band has ever released, complete with a neoclassical guitar solo, and die-hard metal heads will still hate them for it. It does miss the chaotic guitar-harmony, fast double bass, interwoven vocal lines, which is the signature A7X style, but it's still good. I'm curious to hear some of the more longer, adventurous songs from the new album now with this style in mind.
    I was definitely expecting more, but I think this song is the single because it could be the most radio-friendly track in the album, so my hopes are up high still. Anyone knows if this is the full version or the radio cut?
    I doubt it's a radio cut since it's 56 long. I sure hope this is their radio-friendly track, but then again their previous radio tracks have been way more engrossing than this, like Bat Country or Afterlife.
    They definitely got that classic metal vibe they were talking about. I love it. The intro is just great.
    Spot on comment...I agree 100%. I didn't think that until I saw your comment, then I was like "Damn...dude made a solid point." It makes me think their new album is going to feel nostalgic in a way. It's so 80's sounding, I'm not sure, but Judas Priest might already have the rights to this song. Lol.
    You idiots always complain that bands sell out.. Well this is the opposite.. and you are still complaining..
    I think it's a great song. I think the intentional oversimplifying is just a bit much. I think a few fills could spice it up more but i know that's not what they're going for. I think live the drumming will be more loose and not just a strict beat so i'm definitely excited for that. Overall though i really dig it. I look forward to the amount of hate Arin gets on the drums!
    I was thinking (and hoping) the same in regards to live shows. It works on the single and we know Arin can drum but live it needs to be stepped up a notch. Something to look forward to maybe?
    Agreed. A lot of metal-bands tend to strictly-adhere to their "script", so-to-speak (Megadeth being a great example) when they play live. They don't improvise all that much. Simpler-songs (such as this, next to most A7X) tend to be easier to improvise to. I actually wouldn't be all that surprised if Syn improvised the solo for this during recording. Let's start hoping that they realize this when they play it live!
    Just a single, like every A7X album, the second part is always 100000x better
    I was screaming like a little b***h when it popped up on their youtube
    Every once in a while, you do gotta scream like a beach from time to time...but, I suggest putting an ear to a shell.
    Yea normally I scream like an ocean but today I thought '**** it I'm going to beach it'
    Love a7x but this song doesn't keep me interested with the same chords and sound over and over again. I think they should be themselves rather than trying to sound like Metallica and Iron Maiden but they can do whatever they want. I'm still looking forward to the new album but I hope that the other songs have a bit more variation
    We'll just have to wait for the full album to come out, Like everyone says, this is a radio friendly song that will get stuck in your head very easily. Most likely to hold people over till the big guns come out. But they did promise a very stripped down classic metal feel. And even if you don't like the song, or sevenfold as a band, they did do exactly what they said they were doing. And plus it blows away all the shit pop songs on the radio.
    I think it's a solid track. I would be disappointed if it was the best song on the album obviously, but rarely is the main single my favorite song on most albums so it definitely gives me hope. I think most will agree it's much better than Carry On, and shows the album won't just be a copy/paste of their previous records.
    I mean, this is cool and all, but didn't M. Shadows say recently that there won't be any layering of vocals on the entire album? Like, no harmonies or anything? Maybe he just meant no double-tracking I guess.
    Yeah, he said no layering vocals. Which sounds like a huge mistake to me.
    It annoys me sometimes on their earlier albums, like on Bat Country the end of one phrase overlaps with the beginning of another. So when he sings it live some phrases just get cut off if that makes sense.
    i dont know if he said no layering tracks but he said they were trying to steer away from it.
    He obviously never said there won't be any harmonies, since there are harmonies during the chorus of this song. You don't even have to strain your ears to hear it. It's clear as a bell. As for the song itself, while it is a little too straight-forward, compared to what we're used to from A7X, there's no doubting it has great hooks. That chorus has "Heavy Metal Hit" written all over it. The intro and solo are great too as well as the guitar harmonies during the chorus.
    Does anyone else get an AC/DC sort of feel when listening to this? Obviously not the vocals, but the tempo and chanting of the song moreso.
    I really liked that guitar line throughout the song, but otherwise I didn't feel any energy. It's so stripped down there's not much there. The vocals are dull, the structure is boring, and the drums don't do anything but exist. I'm not blaming Arin, I've been expecting him to fit in well, but if this song is representative of what they wanted in a drummer, they could have hired Meg White. I expect better, especially because Syn really does seem to be in top form on this song, attention-grabbing but very tasteful--not a word I often apply to A7x riffs or solos. Here he nailed both.
    Jake Motionless
    The way that they have recorded the album this time makes it better for a live show cuz ur not missing all those two or three part harmonies
    I think this is a great song. I just didn't expect something like this from Avenged Sevenfold. That being said, it really does sound like classic metal. It's got that simplistic metal drum beat and that sort of chuggy groove to it that I really dig. I'm excited for the new album now, I wonder how the rest of the album is going to be?
    Okay, so I'm gonna get flack here I think... But the vocals seem to channel Dio* without having nearly the range. Not saying it's a bad thing. Sounds a lot better than 95% of the mainstream right now. * - Asterik denotes that I'm not crediting Shadows with the talent of Dio. There's no comparison**. ** - Double Asterisk denotes that I'm not bashing Shadows. I mean... It's Dio we're talking about here.
    At first, I didn't like this song, but I have to say it's grown on me. Can't wait to hear the whole album.
    I'm a pretty new A7X fan and I'm a fan of classic metal so this is more of my cup of tea. I like it a lot.
    it's the drumming section...I wish they still hire porntoy as their drummer...it's a bit off...lack of energy...the other is good as usual...
    Meh. I know not every one of their albums can be exact copies of City of Evil, but they definitely simplified a little too much with this one. We'll just have to see what else they have in store.
    Well, they were definitely right about the classic rock/old school metal vibe. My only complaint is that the drums are a bit bland, although that may just be because I'm so used to hearing the Rev's more technical style. In any case, I'm still psyched for the new album.
    It's a radio friendly song that gets stuck in your head. Exactly what I expected from a single. I think the drumming could've been a little "fuller", but at the same time it IS reminiscent of classic metal. Nobody should worry, a7x wouldnt go a full album without catering to their previous fanbase whether it be similar to their cover of Walk or more something like God Hates Us (the constant urge to headbang). This album wont disappoint, and from what I hear, they're gonna do a damn good job expanding the fan base to wider age ranges.
    It's alright, I hope the rest of the album is better than this but for the first song to come out it's pretty good, I enjoyed it.
    This is pretty good shit. Nice riffs. Considering my expectations were on the ground, I'm digging it.
    Was pretty disappointed with it. Interesting tapping riff that goes through out the song though
    In the music industry one of the slogans is "Keep it simple"...they certainly did with this track, but understandably so, because the drummer situation...but once they get the rhythm section running cleanly it will be much better. Have faith people...but in all honesty...it's not bad, and better than I believe most people had expected. Drummers really set the foundation for every single thing in a song...they'll get better. Arin is good.
    People need to remember that this is only the single for the album. Band's singles always are more straight forward like this. I'm sure the rest of the album will sound different.
    I am liking this a lot actually. It sounds very focused and very simplified. Theres not a million overdubs and the song doesn't meander. This stuff will sound great live and I hope the rest of the album is this focused.
    Its not bad. Its just that they could've taken it so much farther. I guess I can understand what they're going for, but I don't know. I didn't really like the song Nightmare, but I loved the rest of the album. And the song started to grow on me.
    Guns N' Chains
    As a big A7X fan, this song was decent, not great, but decent. Seems like a tune that can grow on you after awhile or after a few listens.
    I wish they would of chose a song that showed us that they haven't slowed down and can still kill it. Something to show what the drummer is capable of.
    what would be the fun in that? a7x has always teased the chit out of their fanbase. theyre going to keep the good good under wraps til the release. and if Nightmare is any indication, there should be one more single to be released.
    I like the song. The one thing I has always liked about them is that every album is different. I can't stand when every album a band writes sounds the same. I like the tapping riff at the beginning. The vocals and drums were very simple. I won't judge the album based on this song. I still have high hopes for this album.
    Ugh...That was the most boring track I've ever heard from them. Everything is a ****ing cliche and so predictable. The drums are also...I mean, a drum machine would be more interesting than that. I should have expected that since they want to recreate Maiden or 'Tallica. Sounds just like those bands.
    They said they wanted it more simplistic, which they definitely achieved. I would be pretty surprised if all tracks were as held back as this.
    I guess they felt like being an early '80's Metal band, then. I just don't see a reason for something to be so bare when it's all this bland.
    Sounds like AC/DC + '90s Metallica to me. I don't mean that as a compliment. Also that was the sloppiest solo I've heard in a while. Oh well, I guess I'm kinda glad I'm not into these guys anymore. /opinions
    As a huge Gates fan, I was pretty let down with how sloppy parts of the solo was... but eh, I do like him because his playing has character, even when it's sloppy. I'd take him over a generic, metal-shredding robot any day.
    I do agree on the solo. It sounds more like noodling around than a scripted studio solo.
    I agree with you, I don't know, i didn't sound like synyster to me, it was....interesting,not enough though to be anything mind-blowing.
    Interesting to get a thumbs down on the solo comment. It DOES sound sloppy when compared to his previous work, there is no denying that. There is one section in particular that is really sloppy, and sounds like it could have used another take. That doesn't mean I am saying he sucks at guitar, or can't write solos. Just this one in particular wasn't one of his best in MY opinion.
    I think I know exactly what part you're talking about too. I thought the same. Sounds like a mess of notes. Curious to see if there's a behind the scenes DVD that comes out with this one, because it's very unlike Gates to leave something like that on the album.
    I'm a little torn on this. I mean, I already like it more than Nightmare, since that album seemed a little forced, but there's no real substance to it. Like, it gets really close to being a really great song, but there's something that would have pushed it over the edge into actually being a really great song that just isn't there. In a few spots, I think just a quick double bass kick would have pushed it into a big moment, or maybe a pinch harmonic on the guitars or something. I really don't want to say that the song was boring because it really wasn't, it just didn't have the energy I would have expected it to have and I really hope the rest of the album is better than this. Though, considering this is the single and singles are chosen by being the best songs on the album, I'm kind of expecting another disappointing album.
    I'm probably in the minority here but I think this sounds great. The production is superior to their previous albums in my opinion - everything fits together very nicely!
    They certainly didn't lie about capturing a classic metal feel to it, but the song just has no dynamics. It doesn't go anywhere. But hey, I never really enjoyed A7X's singles over the album tracks anyway so I'm still looking ahead.