Avenged Sevenfold Update Single Cover

The band also presented the "Hail to the King" album cover.

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Avenged Sevenfold revealed the album cover for the upcoming record "Hail to the King" and updated the cover for the title track, Metal Hammer reports.

The rumored album cover was presented last month alongside with the new album announcement. Now the band revealed that it was actually a single cover.

You can see the image revealed earlier and the updated cover below:

And here's the album cover:

"Hail to the King" is scheduled for release on August 27.

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    First one is unreadable and third one is dull, for me. Prefer the second.
    The third one is an album cover
    I've realized something about A7X album covers. They follow sort of a pattern. Sounding the Seventh Trumpet - Picture Waking the Fallen - Deathbat City of Evil - Picture S/T - Deathbat Nightmare - Picture Hail To the King - Deathbat
    Ultimately the cover doesn't matter as much as the content of the music, so I'll just be glad to hear the album when it comes out.
    They just removed all of the color and made it darker and edgier. The text is definitely an improvement though.
    Their 2003 album Waking the Fallen is actually the better version of theit current album cover.
    "Hail to the King" comes out a day after the 10 year anniversary "Waking the Fallen" too. Interesting... or not really, because it's just the same album cover.
    The single cover looks kinda cheap, wonder if its intentional or not. But i like the song, its the first Avenged Sevenfold ive liked since Bat Country, i might check this album out when it releases.
    The entirety of title-track just screams a tribute to the cheesy-era of heavy-metal, without venturing into glam. It seems like it was supposed to look cheap.
    C'mon guys! This is the third time you've used a deathbat as your album cover, adjusting the position and size of it doesnt make it original! Stop being so ****ing lazy, I preferred the single artwork to this :/
    So? How many album covers have Iron Maiden had with Eddie on there? Or Overkill and their mascot? It's not that unusual
    I kinda get what he's saying Waking the Fallen and the self titled album both featured just a deathbat on the album cover. I mean they should incorporate in there, but just slapping it in the middle and putting a title nearby just doesn't do it for me...
    I honestly think the new album cover looks crap. I'm quite disappointed. I honestly would have been satisfied with one of the first two images being the album cover, and the supposed "album cover" being the single cover.
    UG Messed it up, the third one is the single cover and the first to pictures are album covers
    The 3rd one is much more modern and straight to the point, and I think that's a good way for them, it's what they're all about
    I personally didn't mind the single cover...it reminded me of the cover for city of evil.
    As much as i love the band, can we stop with the ****ing Avenged Sevenfold news updates 10 times a day
    In my opinion the new song sounds a little too much like Metallica when in the verses; listen and you'll see what I mean. However, it does have one of my all time favourite solos and my favourite chorus ever!