Avenged Sevenfold: 'We Really, Truly Believe in Metal'

artist: Avenged Sevenfold date: 07/23/2013 category: new releases

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Avenged Sevenfold: 'We Really, Truly Believe in Metal'
Avenged Sevenfold believe they're one of the only modern bands who can carry the torch passed from classic metal acts like Iron Maiden and Metallica. Their ambition: to go down in history as the defining metal act of this generation. "We really, truly believe in metal," frontman M. Shadows told Metal Hammer. "We grew up on the altar of bands like Maiden and Megadeth and Pantera and Metallica, and if bands that are younger could look up to us like that, that'd be the hugest compliment of all time. We want to headline Download. We want to play Rock in Rio. The goals aren't to have millions of records, it's to be the top of our game in our generation." He continued: "Not to sound like a total dick, but there's not a lot of bands that are ready to carry the torch," adds guitarist Synyster Gates. "I honestly feel like we're that band. When you start a band it's totally fun and games, and it's all fun now, but theres no more games. We've had fun, now we want to make a mark. Now, it's 'Let's make history.'" Avenged Sevenfold will release their new album "Hail to the King" on August 27. It is their first album without their late drummer and principle songwriter the Rev who died in 2009. Which other modern acts do you think will go down in history as the greatest metal bands of this generation? Let us know what you think in the comments.
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