Avenged Sevenfold: 'We Really, Truly Believe in Metal'

The band say they're one of the only bands in this generation who can make history with their music. What do you think?

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Avenged Sevenfold believe they're one of the only modern bands who can carry the torch passed from classic metal acts like Iron Maiden and Metallica.

Their ambition: to go down in history as the defining metal act of this generation.

"We really, truly believe in metal," frontman M. Shadows told Metal Hammer. "We grew up on the altar of bands like Maiden and Megadeth and Pantera and Metallica, and if bands that are younger could look up to us like that, that'd be the hugest compliment of all time. We want to headline Download. We want to play Rock in Rio. The goals aren't to have millions of records, it's to be the top of our game in our generation."

He continued: "Not to sound like a total dick, but there's not a lot of bands that are ready to carry the torch," adds guitarist Synyster Gates. "I honestly feel like we're that band. When you start a band it's totally fun and games, and it's all fun now, but theres no more games. We've had fun, now we want to make a mark. Now, it's 'Let's make history.'"

Avenged Sevenfold will release their new album "Hail to the King" on August 27. It is their first album without their late drummer and principle songwriter the Rev who died in 2009.

Which other modern acts do you think will go down in history as the greatest metal bands of this generation? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    The music industry is way too diluted now. People need to realise that there's not much chance of bands ever being as culturally huge as they once were. Just make the music you love and hope people like it.
    And this exact will of theirs to make history with this new album is what guarantees it to do the exact opposite thing.
    It depends from what perspective you see it. If you see it like a closed mind and you think that modern music is better probably you wouldnt like the record. But if you like the old school rock you may like it. I dont know whether is going to suck or not, but the true rock is the old one, although i like new era rock also.
    You're missing the point. It's not about how good the album is, or old vs. new bullshit. It's about whether or not they can make a real impact. Nearly anyone you meet in the street can name a Metallica song. That's what a7x want, which is a bit hollow IMO...
    I still think there can be. it just really needs to be the right band at the right time. if anything, this IS the right time, there just needs to be that right band ready to step up and conquer the world if you will haha.
    Avenged Sevenfold is not 'that' band.
    best comment, I love them and their music, but there's just no comparison to Iron Maiden, I wouldn't know about Metallica 'cause I don't really like them all that much, but I'm pretty sure it's the same situation
    "Not to sound like a total dick, but there's not a lot of bands that are ready to carry the torch," adds guitarist Synyster Gates. "I honestly feel like we're that band" What part of that doesn't make you sound like a total dick?
    Its the same way someone says "No offence but...". What follows is going to be offensive but because they said that beforehand, they think everything will apparently be alright.
    Machine Head That is all.
    I really hate when bands try and anoint themselves any kind of title. They are a popular, talented band that sells tons of records, and will definitely have a place in rock history if they continue on their path. There is no need to spout on and on about it.
    I remember when Bullet For My Valentine said they'd take over from Metallica and Iron Maiden.... Evidence = http://oi40.tinypic.com/2s10x1f.jpg ... Then they produce Temper Temper, I am a Bullet fan but Temper Temper wasn't to their standard, they're going down hill if anything. Now its Avenged Sevenfold, I hope they don't follow in the shoes of Bullet otherwise this next album could be disappointing.
    IMO, The Poison was their best album (and it was their debut) imo it is a close to "perfect" record, well balanced between more melodic/balad type of songs and the other more raging ones, although I like some songs from the Scream Aim Fire album, fever and the latest one (but just like one or two from each of these)...
    I say to you, if bands like A7X or Mastodon were in 80s, they would leave huge mark.They have attitude and will(talent too, of course) to influence at least someone.Those bands have much harder job to be great today than it was in 80s.I believe in them.They cannot carry that torch like Maidens or Metallica, but they are doing the best they can, and i love them because of it.
    Really, they just said there aren't many bands that are going to leave an impacting mark, and they hope they'll be one of the few that do. They also said the games are over now, so hopefully they're talking about what they do in the future as a band. I don't think what they said was all that dick-ish, but that might just be me.
    I really never understood the hype about this band. They remind me about all the generic Metalcore bands, and it feels like they're did what Bullet For My Valentine did with Temper, but Avenged Sevenfold just succeeded in turning their fans over. Sorry, if I make lots of people angry, but it's just my oppinion
    But A7X hasn't released anything remotely metalcore in about a decade... Maybe you need to reevaluate your opinion.
    The thing with BFMV was they never really released anything that mind blowing and from the sound of temper temper they aren't going to in the future. A7X have CoE and WtF to back them up, plus I think they're just a lot more likable.
    Ya know, it's funny how none of the "generic Metalcore" bands have any actual hardcore influence...
    woah wait are you saying that people label bands incorrectly?! holy shit man are you like a genius from the future???
    No please, just no... Avenged Sevenfold is nothing to be compared with Metallica, Pantera and Maiden. It's not just a question of popularity and yes, Synyster Gates, you do sound like a complete dick because there are a lot of bands ready to carry the torch who deserve that title more than you: Lazarus A.D., Trivium, Lamb of God, Protest the Hero, Tool, Machine Head...just to name a few.
    I think you just named bands you like, not ones that are necessarily tremendously influential or genre defining.
    Doesn't matter if I like them or not, I said that they deserve to "carry the torch" better than Avenged, which means that, imo, they are more "influential or genre defining" in the metal category than Avenged Sevenfold.
    Well aren't some of those bands older than Avenged Sevenfold? I mean, from that list you mentioned I don't really listen to Lazarus A.D. or Machine Head.. the top band from that list for me is Tool (they have a really intricate sound, and are a bit more "cultural" than Avenged sevenfold), they are just effin amazing.
    Avenged Sevenfold was fromed in the 90's, Tool, Machine Head and Lamb of God also. Trivium, Lazarus A.D. and Protest the Hero were formed in the 00's.
    But some of the bands we consider influential were also the most popular of their time.
    I don't think Celtic Frost, Mercyful Fate or Venom were the most popular at their time, yet their are cornerstones of Metal.
    I was talking about Judas Priest,Iron Maiden,Metallica during the Justice and Black ALbum Era, and hard rock bands such as GNR and van Halen.
    Friend 1 "Check out this great Metal album" Friend 2 "Cool thanks" *** Goes home takes a listen F2 "Great Album, but it's defintiely more Hard Rock than Metal" F1 "No way, here are the 14 reasons this is Metal" ***The fact that both of them love the album is completely lost over a stupid argument about the albums label. F1 "That's it, we're taking this argument to Ultimate Guitar, we will get our unbiased answer there!" Labels, especially sub-labels are stupid in the first place. Good music is good music, regardless of it's title.
    ...Who gives a toss what they believe? They can believe all they want; it won't make their music any less generic.
    And what the actual **** is generic about their sound? Too many people throw that sodding word around these days.
    Lamb of God? Opeth? Dream Theater? No bands around that could do it? Please..
    I agree, but the likes of DT and BtBaM will be remembered as progressive music, not metal. They venture into so many different genres, often in 2-minute intervals in 15-minute songs, even if they are encapsulated in a metal "shell" (if that makes sense). Metal is the root genre no doubt though, but like I said, progressive fits better
    I absolutely love that end section of Selkies. That is just straight up beautiful music.
    DT isn't metal, but yes they will be remembered.
    Diony x
    Tell me, what is the genre that Dream Theater represent?
    The "Amazing" genre. Seriously though, probably progressive rock. I certaintly wouldn't describe them to someone who didn't know of them as a Metal band, as that would be misleading. Unless you consider James a Metal singer LOL
    I guess we should tell DT that all those Progressive Metal riffs they play are just "Prog Rock". It's statements like this that show people have no idea what they're talking about. /facepalm
    Having some awesome Metal riffs does not make them a Metal band haha. I don't think I have ever heard a single growl/scream from Lebrie and I have been listening to them since 94 and been to about 8 of their shows, so I may have missed the one or two he did in that entire timeframe. It's statements like this that show people have no idea what they're talking about. /facepalm
    When did Metal become about growls and screams? There was loads of metal bands before people even started growling. Furthermore you should probably look up the definition of Progressive metal. "Progressive metal is a subgenre of both progressive rock and heavy metal, originating in the United Kingdom and the United States in the late 1980s. Progressive metal blended elements of heavy metal and progressive rock music, taking the loud "aggression", amplified electric guitar-driven sound of the former, with the more experimental, complex and "pseudo-classical" compositions of the latter progressive rock. Throughout the years, progressive metal has borrowed influences from several other genres, including classical and jazz fusion music." No where on the internet will you find a definition that says that all progressive metal bands must have screams.
    It's statements like yours that make you sound retarded..."I don't think I have ever heard a single growl/scream" If you think growls = metal you missed out on a lot
    It's not all of it, but it is something most casual ie Non-Elitist music listeners think of when they think of Metal.
    My point is you hand a Dream Theater to CD telling someone that has never heard of them that they are metal, there is a very good chance they come back telling you it's a great cd, but they wouldn't call it metal.
    Wow you people think Dream Theater is Metal??? The closest they came to a Metal band was Train of Thought. Even JP would laugh at you if you called them a metal band.
    Thankfully, metal doesn't believe in you.
    Believe it or not Metallica and Maiden approve A7x and who are you to speak for the whole metal community? most of metal elitist like you are overweight fat nerds with dirty long hair who play World of Warcraft all day who get bullied in school.
    Telling people something isn't what they claim it is is not being elitist. Pointing out that most of the metal community makes fun of this band is not being an elitist. You, however, are the one acting like a dick by insulting the majority of a group of people.
    Face R1pper
    So why are you speaking for the metal community in the same way? I've never met an "overweight fat nerd" metal elitist. Metal elitists are generally smarter than you are, wash their hair regularly, are too disconnected from their peers for bullies to waste their time with them, and are too busy playing music to bother with video games. Metal elitists do usually hate poser-core like Avenged Sevenfold though.
    At risk of sounding BVB-esque here isn't he.. but Syn was probably laughing his head off as he said that - No band is gonna influence people as much as the first ones, its just straight out fact, but A7x have got it right when it comes to the music they make, its technical, melodic, and shits on all the -core bands out there
    They don't seem to bring out anything new to the table, just the same ideas over and over again. Bands like metallica, pantera, megadeth all brought something new to the table which is what made them as legendary as they are. A7X need to up there game if they want to make their mark. And yes, synyster gates, you're a dick.
    I have to disagree. If there is one thing that separates Avenged from other bands is the fact that their albums ARE so varied. Take their self titled album. Can you really say A Little Piece of Heaven, Afterlife, and Dear God all sound the same? Now look at the new Killswitch album. It was a great album in my opinion, but it doesn't have near the variety in song structure as most Avenged albums. The real question for me is how much of that variety was brought to the table by the Rev? This new album should answer that question.
    @Nastodon & goon316: You guys are mixing up "different sounds on different albums" with "bringing new ideas to Metal". Honestly, AX7 have been putting out fairly generic ideas since they formed. I like CoE, but anyone who doesn't realize that's generic is kidding themselves.
    You are mixing up "AX7 and A7X", but anyone who doesnt realize CoE was anything but generic is kidding themselves.
    How do they not bring anything new to the table? Go listen to one song from each of their albums and compare them, they are all different unique sounds. They switch the style up every album.
    julianholguin · Jul 23, 2013 06:09 AM
    While I do love A7X (they got me into metal, playing guitar and, rock in general), I don't consider them a metal band (I used to, though, before I heard of Trivium). They're hard rock most of the time, and metalcore in some of their songs, but to say they're metal is a bit of a stretch.
    Im in the same boat as you. I used to only listen to the words of songs and based my judgement on them. I would listen to lincoln park and shit just because I could care less about music and theory. Syn and A7X got me into playing music because they showed me there was WAY more to music. When people ask me who A7X is, I normally say a rock band, but with this new stuff i wouldnt have a problem calling them metal. Sure people can lecture me about how LoG and Slipknot are "real" metal, but looking back on ozzy and maiden, I dont recall the need for false chord screams to be "metal"...
    Audible Warfare
    Saying "I could care less" shows that you do care slightly, I believe you mean "I couldn't care less"?
    Wot bout Children of Bodom, Lamb of God, Soilwork, Opeth, The Agonist etc..? Sure A7X had a few decent songs on the album, but you can't give em the torch, they've lost alot of their ''oomf'' as J. Clarkson describes in Top Gear, and it feels like they're strugglin as a sinking ship (my opinion) One things for sure, the guitarists do have a backup plan by selling merch and they're own brand, so if they decide to quit, they've got something to fall back to. There are several bands I haven't mentioned, that still need more attention than A7X, but only time will tell. (there may be alot of kids hatin me for commenting, but that's just how it is)
    Every band you listed are perfect examples of what A7x are trying to get away from with this new record. These bands are derivatives of metal yeah, but they've drastically strayed away from the roots and foundations of heavy metal, thus not the right bands to 'carry the torch'.
    It's not that im "hatin" on you, but they are far from a sinking ship. You can definitly tell when a band is fading into irrelevance and are trying to stay afloat. But when every album doing better and better and their last album finally hitting #1, I'd say they aren't on the trend you are describing. However, if this record bombs (I highly doubt), then I would say that they could be floudering soon after...
    none of those bands except maybe the agonist, are even from this "generation" of metal. opeth formed in the freakin in 90' children of bodom in 93' soilwork 94 lamb of god 90'. Sevenfold didnt form until 2000 let alone their first record didnt even come out for another year. can not really compare opeth to avenged sevenfold. Not only are their genres 100% different but those older bands already have respective torches in their own genre. Also, inflames> soilwork
    Burn the Priest may have been formed in '90, but Lamb of God was formed with the release of New American Gospel, which was the first to feature Mark Morton in '00, maybe '99 Im not sure, and have retained the lineup since. Lamb of God is this Generation, not the last. But I digress, Devildriver . plzkthxbai.
    As much as I hate to admit it, they're correct in saying kids might be influenced by them. I can't tell you how many times I've gone into a store just to buy strings, and hear kids saying how much they wanna play like Synyster Gates (what a god awful name by the way). This is just my opinion, but I think the mainstream hard rock/metal scene is gonna remain stale and generic for a long time because of bands like A7X, BVB, BFMV, etc. *sits back and waits for the down votes*
    This type of thing can only be evaluated by looking at the past. So... To evaluate what really stood out in this present, we need to wait a decade (at least) and look back. Also, good band or shitty band: The media need to be involved. Without media coverage there wouldn't be half of the music legends we have now. IMO
    No metal bands write songs as accessible as those by Avenged. People saying bands such as Lamb of God have a screw loose. A good band? Yes. Voice of a generation? Definitely not. Avenged have everything. The only people that really shit on them are the metal elitists and those guys need to pull their heads out of their asses. And they frequently change their style actually, keeping key elements but changing the overall sound. Slipknot are the only other competitors but they've lost it because they've took so much time over Paul's death. In the same time, Avenged got over their drummer, made a new record, toured it and are about to release another. And the Rev was far more integral to their songwriting that Paul was to Slipknot. Way too many purists around here.
    I didn't knew Metal music was supposed to be accessible and be the "voice of a generation". I thought it was about aggressive music.
    Face R1pper
    The only people who say metal is synonymous with aggression are the ones that try to excuse their poor playing abilities for the sake of "br00tal atmosphere".
    Lol these guys are NOT metal!
    I don't like them either but who are you to say they're not metal, most of the influential legendary bands like Metallica and Maiden approve A7x Mr."Tr00 metalhead"
    Neither of those bands are who they were in the 80's. Maiden became a brand and lost their soun in the mid 90's. Metallica got off the train for over a decade. I wonder what James would have said about them back in 84?
    Yeah, and Beethoven isn't classical. -rolls eyes- They've got all of the characteristics of a metal band. Just because they have shit stage names and at one time wore makeup doesn't mean they aren't "metal".
    Hard Rock/metal bands in the 80's wore makeup, that used to not mean shit if said bands are good or bad.
    That was kinda the point I was getting at. They get a lot of hate because of their image, despite the fact that they make pretty decent music Im a fan of theirs -shrug-
    I dislike them because of their generic and bland music. I don't care bout their image.
    You can say many things about A7X music...but generic and bland don't even come close. There's NOTHING out there that sounds like them. You can't just go by the singles you hear on terrestrial radio.
    No they don't. Just because they have imagery, distorted guitars, and solos doesn't make them metal.
    Lamb of God seems to have their shit together, and have remained consistent since they were Burn the Priest.
    Haha, the comments. "HURR MODERN BAND ARE THE BADS, NOTHING WILL EVER BE GOOD AS OLDIES". There's plenty of awesome bands that have come out in the last 10 years (not so much A7X, imo), you just aren't looking for them because you never bothered to take the Sabbath tape out of your cassette player from 1977. If you've only listened to the same bands for 40 years, that's on you. On topic to the article; modern bands are a very different beast from bands like say, Metallica. The whole "making millions, being a famous edgy rockstar" thing just isn't very possible. The plus side is, the industry is more open now for larger numbers of smaller bands, booking agents, promoters, ect. So while it's essentially impossible to become a metal demi-god in a modern band, you have higher odds of making it in a smaller setting.
    One of the bands that can be remembered in musical history is Rammstein. You don't have to like them, but they did what they loved, tore out of the Germany into the world and became the biggest cultural export of their country, never said anything cheesy like "being a defining act of the generation", and at each and every concert they deliver the biggest and hottest live metal show...
    The further they moved form the Kraftwerk sound they had, the more interesting they became. Great live shows too.
    I can almost promise that Rammstein will be remembered in musical history. They have everything going for them and after seeing them at download i can only say that they are the best band i've ever seen live which is saying a lot. They never get up their own arse about things either and they've always worked hard for their music.
    Avenged Sevenfold are in no place to call themselves metal with such generic and mainstream music.
    Implying that bands like Metallica and Iron Maiden aren't mainstream. Elitist-isms.
    Zan I've noticed on this board the mainstream status of a band is changes from conversation to conversation by the posters to support their argument. The Elitist attitude on these boards is nauseating to say the least. BTW I still say anyone who calls Dream Theater a Metal band is out of their mind, but it doesn't affect my enjoyment of their music in the slightest so call them Metal all you want guys.
    I agree with everything you say except the Dream Theater part. They're progressive metal. They're definitely heavier than Rush or Yes in the prog world. Listen to songs like Panic Attack, A Nightmare To Remember, or Constant Motion. Those songs are less proggy than a song like Metropolis, but they are definitely metal.
    I agree with Avenged. They're one of the few metal bands out there today that has the mainstream appeal of, say, Metallica or Maiden during their time. They're at festival headlining status, even after taking a year off. They're at the level where they've essentially already cemented their influence and legacy, and now they're taking that and running with it. They're self-aware of what they are, and what their future should hold for them. They're striving to be the best band they can possibly be and there's nothing wrong with that. It'll often get mistaken for cockiness, but it's pure confidence. You can name all of the lesser-known, House of Blues sized metal bands you want, but in the grand scheme of mainstream metal culture (because that's the level bands like Metallica, Maiden, Pantera, Megadeth, etc. are at), Avenged is our generations answer. Sure, they might not be the heaviest, most metal band out there, but their multi-genre songwriting influences are over-the-top and ambitious, and they have the talent and widespread appeal to pull it off. Love them or hate them, you can't deny them.
    Yeah, L.o.G is really retaining what is just pure, balls-out , no-nonsense metal, with no real need to attach any tag at the end, be it prog, core or experimental (though I know they are considered groove/thrash kinda mix) Not bloody a7x for gods sake.... they'll be remembered as good, not great, and certainly not a representation of the current generation of metal.
    Lamb Of God and Slipknot. Amazing shows, they get the crowd involved with "jump the **ck up" and LOG with the wall of death. Both bands are overflowing with talent, from wicked riffs and drums to bad@ss lyrics to go with it.
    Wasn't Nightmare the first album without the Rev? Or did the Rev have some songwriting credit?
    The Rev wrote the drum parts for all of the songs in Nightmare.
    he actually wrote a lot of the songs in that album...
    Why are people ending their responses with '.....' as though everyone's suppose to know all that is a7x?
    link no1
    Because it was a pretty widely talked about thing that Mike Portnoy would be recording the drums on that album beat for beat what Rev played. There where also more than enough articles on here about it at the time to warrant the use of dots after the sentence...
    The torch is dead, M. Shadows just wants to be famous, thats it. True metal nowadays doesn't need all of the "fame" that metal had in the 70s and 80s. Thats how metal is different from the Top 200, because metal musicians do it for the music, not the "glory"
    Mastodon, Lamb of God and Sylosis are 3 amazing bands from the past 15 ish years (Although Sylosis' first LP was in 2008). None will be as big as Maiden or Metallica, but then they were true innovators. I'm not saying that the other 3 aren't, but those two did things no one had heard before. I mean, Mastodon's Crack the Skye is easily one of the best albums released in the last 10 years, but do I think people will talk about it 20+ years down the line, like Master of Puppets or Number of the Beast? As much as I want them to, probably not.
    At times like these, I can't help but wonder what Children of Bodom's status with the "metal community" would be, if their discography would be SW, HB, FtR, HCDR, and then like... Are you Blooddrunk Forever (with like the 3 albums' best songs) + Halo of Blood...
    The big bands nowadays have more caliber than others which is why I guess they feel its their duty to bring back true metal. But I think that music evolves and so does the bands, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. If you want to listen to old metal then listen to it, it's everywhere. But I fear that bands like a7x are going the wrong way about it. They should make the music they used to, that the fans love. I've listened to Hail To The King and I think it's missing the signature A7X sound but if they want to make this music then I respect their decision.
    Time will tell. But like every other band, they're just a band...and every band has their haters & lovers. It's nothing bigger than that.
    I completely agree with them. I'm not saying A7X is the best metal band out there nor that they are the only ones who can carry the torch but, their songs always surprise me. It's not the kind of band where you can't tell the difference between 2 songs. There's always something different, new, refreshing in everything they do. Even though they're a metal band, I personally can't put a sub-genre to what they do. I think they're defining a different style of metal. Oh and come on folks, it's not because a band is known in mass media that it isn't a good band. A7X songs are amazing.
    It all goes back to the "sellout" crowd. To most of the metal snobs, if you're a well known band, or played on the radio...you suck. Couldn't be further from the truth.
    That's not actually true. There are radio shows that play things like Celtic Frost. Black Sabbath and even some old, respected material of Metallica's is played on the radio in favor of their post-black album stuff at times. It really is that a lot of so called "metal" bands are shitty. They aren't shitty because they are or are not metal. They aren't shitty because they are or are not well known. They're shitty because they're shitty, but apparently people aren't allowed to call bands out on that or it makes them a "snob" or an "elitist." Yet most of the people I run into that cry about "metal snobs" blow off other genres as a whole. See: Country, Hip Hop, Pop.
    Hail to the King will be the last stop for A7X before becoming the greatest metal band this century.
    yeah, in the first quarter of the century its already decided... totally likely... and also, a7x? hell no
    as much as i don't agree with them, i do think that A Little Piece Of Heaven is something that will be remembered, for being so different, but not just some even screamier, lower tuned whatever-core, but for the "next generation" i would say big influences will still be the likes of Maiden, Priest, Metallica and Pantera. rock musicians still look to the Beatles, composers still look to Bach, Beethoven, jazz to Rheindhart and Armstrong, why should metal have to look to more modern bands? there's a reason the classics were so defining, i think they should still be the biggest influences
    Unfortunately for them, they have already peaked. I saw them in '08, same tour as the live at LBC and it was one of the best shows I have ever seen. Maybe a year or two later I saw them again and the show was a complete joke. I hate when people call bands "sellouts" but something must have happened in that year where they changed. I used to be a die hard A7X fan, but these days I just can't get on board with what they are doing. Part of me thinks that maybe I just grew up and realized that this band really wasn't that great to begin with.