Avril Lavigne Starts Work On New Album

artist: Avril Lavigne date: 06/21/2011 category: new releases
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Avril Lavigne Starts Work On New Album
Avril Lavigne is already well into a follow up to this year's "Goodbye Lullaby". The singer said that she had already written eight songs for the album. When asked by her fansite Avril Lavigne Band Aids about a new album, she said: "I already have eight songs! I would like to release the fifth album really quick." She added: "This record was more mellow, and the next one will be pop and more fun again." "I already have a song that I know is going to be a single, I just need to re-record it!" The 26 year old singer also revealed that she will be performing a cover of Coldplay's "Fix You" as part of her upcoming tour. Lavigne will play shows in Manchester and London in September. Thanks for the report to NME.com.
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