Avril Lavigne to Release Self-Titled Album in November

Pop punk star's new effort to feature guest appearances from Chad Kroeger and Marilyn Manson.

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Canadian pop punk star Avril Lavigne confirmed November 5 as a release date of her new, self-titled studio effort.

The full 13-song track listing was also unveiled, confirming that the album will feature guest appearances from shock rocker Marilyn Manson and Avril's husband, Chad Kroeger of Nickelback.

As Lavigne previously told Billboard, the "Goodbye Lullaby" follow-up is "really diverse" and "all over the place."

"We've got these pop-rock tunes, and then these piano ballads with orchestras," she said. "I have a heavier song that Marilyn Manson's on called 'Bad Girl,' and then I've got a song called 'Hello Kitty' that sounds like nothing I've done before. 'Here's to Never Growing Up' is one of the rock tunes on it, but it's all over the place."

After premiering the record's first single "Here's to Never Growing Up" in April, Avril dropped "Rock 'n' Roll" tune as the second single in mid-July. Check out the track list, front cover and one of the new tunes below.

"Avril Lavigne" track listing:

01. Rock 'n' Roll 02. Here's to Never Growing Up 03. 17 04. Bitchin' Summer 05. Let Me Go (feat. Chad Kroeger) 06. Give You What You Like 07. Bad Girl (feat. Marilyn Manson) 08. Hello Kitty 09. You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet 10. Sippin' on Sunshine 11. Hello Heartache 12. Falling Fast 13. Hush Hush

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    *sigh* Oh dear. Please Avril, realise that it's not 2002 anymore...
    I'll buy it. I'm sure it will be an amazing album like the rest of her past catalog has been. Avril is a tremendously talented artist that creates very very deep and inspiring music that has sparked a very profounding change in millions of peoples life. This should be one of the most anticipated albums of '13 and I can't wait for the tour. I hope nickleback opens for her... that would be the. Most. Epic. Concert. EVER!!!!!
    The tracklist alone is reason enough to not take the whole woman serious. I mean wtf. Yo had a bitchin' summer, bad girl? ...
    I usually hate to speak badly of other artists' music, but I can't stand this poppy stuff. Given a "rock" image to try and make it look badass and all it does is make it look so fake.
    A song titled Hello Kitty..... Okay.
    That only works if you are The Smashing Pumpkins; Hello Kitty Kat (B-Side of 'Today', 1993)
    Knowing the kind of music she makes, what bugs me more is that the single is titled "Rock 'n' Roll".
    I was in a Led Zeppelin state when I read that title. When the Avril-song started playing...I must admit that I didnt quite appreciate this rape on music.
    Good news is she's hot. Bad news is the song was awful.. did i mention she's married to Chad Kroeger?
    Great...but why is this news on a guitar site??
    Pop punk music features guitar prominently
    Pop rock more like. Nothing "punk" about Avril.
    Yeah but you could say the same about most pop-punk bands, Sum 41, blink 182 and any other band that plays fast 3 chord choruses with a whiny voice singing about tween problems.
    Avril Lavigne is not pop punk.
    Oh really? I'm not defending Avril, but this is really pop punk. The other case is that she's more POP than punk.
    Well maybe her earlier work featured punk elements, but the last album is nowhere near punk
    I'll buy it. Probably gonna be a great album. Avril is a musical genius that creates super deep and meaningful music that has profoundly changed the lives of millions of people. Can't wait for the tour.
    Avril is amazing!!!! **** the haters!!! Every music genre deserves to be in this site, anyone who disagrees with me is a ****ing idiot and I'm telling the truth. I love punk rock music and yet I love Avril Lavigne, Nothing is wrong with that. People have different music tastes. Simple as that. Open your minds people. Don't be an elitist prick.
    Whenever I see a pop artist say their new album is "all over the place", I read it as "I'm hoping at least one of these songs will be a hit because I made one of each kind".
    What happened Avril? You used to be my favourite vocalist... now you make shitty, massly over-produced, auto-tuned crappy pop anthems for the masses of teen girls. Maybe one day she'll come back with another "mobile".