Axl Rose Says New Guns N' Roses Album Is Ready

Frontman also discloses details on "Chinese Democracy" remix album.

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Axl Rose has claimed that a new Guns N' Roses album is already recorded, NME reports. The band released their last album, "The Chinese Democracy", in 2008 - a full 15 years after they released covers album "The Spaghetti Incident?" in 1993. However, fans expecting a similar wait may be in for a surprise, with the band's frontman claiming that a new album has been finished and there is also a remix album in the works.

Speaking to Revolver, the frontman said: "We recorded a lot of things before Chinese was out. We've worked more on some of those things and we’ve written a few new things. But basically, we have what I call kind of the second half of 'Chinese.'

He adds: "That's already recorded. And then we have a remix album made of the songs from Chinese. That's been done for a while, too."

Earlier this month year it was denied that Axl Rose is retiring from music, despite the fact the band are currently in residency at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas until July. Later in the interview, Rose says that "after Vegas, we're going to start looking very seriously at what we're doing in that regard."

Guitarist Richard Fortus and DJ Ashba told reporters in 2013 that the band were planning for a new album to be out within a year.

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    So I'm estimating it'll take about another 8 years for it to be released?
    Then another 8-12 for Axl himself to "feel" ready. A few generations may be popped out beforehand boys.
    I hope this album will have the same production quality as "Chinese Democracy". It wasn't compressed all to hell, there was a nice dynamic range, and the instruments could be heard very well. Yes, I'm an "audiophile," and the quality matters to me.
    Agreed. On a good system the album has it all. Clear highs, booming thunder, clearly defined instruments and great dynamics.
    big muff pedal
    Guns without Slash doesn't feel like Guns to me. Quality notwithstanding, it's just like a different band that I don't recognize.
    Seriously, does Axl own another jacket? He seems to be wearing the same damn leather jacket in all recent pictures, on stage and off. I know he's trying to hide the fact that he's fat because he wears it irrespective of how hot it is on stage, but damn, at least vary your wardrobe a bit.
    Izzy-Sweet I feel bad, I also just own one leather jacket, my biker jacket with a giant Motorhead patch on the back lol
    Don't feel bad man. I doubt you make the same amount of money Axl Rose makes, so you have a pretty good excuse for having just one leather jacket. Axl does not have such an excuse.
    I'm actually a huge fan of Chinese Democracy, so I'm pretty excited to hear this one. I think the shit storm CD caused was mostly reactionary message board nonsense.
    I just really have to mention it. That moustache is hilarious. Not the style, the colour, in contrast to the rest of his hair. OT: 6 (potentially 7 depending on when this'll be released) years is still a pretty long wait between albums
    LOL. I think the contrast between his pasty skin color, that mustache, and his eyes, are just weird looking.
    It's kinda like someone made a create a character in a videogame and couldn't quite match up all the colours right.
    I'm interested to hear this, Chinese Democracy was much more interesting than anything Slash, Duff, Izzy or Steven has done post GNR imo. Most people who shit on it haven't even listened to it.
    Completely agree with this, put aside all the Axl bullshit and "its not GnR without Slash" ... and listen to Chinese Democracy itself, it is one hell of a smoking album from start to finish.
    Agreed! If people can look past the "OMG IT'S NOT GNR" tag that seems to be branded firmly to that, then it's a great album. I for one love it. I think though, if you enter into it thinking it'll sound like early GnR, that's where people go wrong. You really need to listen to it as something new. Should Axl have changed the band name? Perhaps... but regardless of that, bands do evolve. There aren't many bands that have a sound and stay true to that forever. It's our nature as musicians to try new things and be bigger and better than our last efforts. If Chinese Democracy is Axl's vision of bigger and better then so be it, he's evolved the sound but I don't see any negative in that whatsoever.
    Force Reaver
    Tell that to Dinosaur Jr. J Mascis hasnt changed his tone or style in years and most of Jr's stuff sounds the same but its all pretty good and catchy.
    I bought the album on vinyl as it was like, $4 bucks on clearance so I decided, what the heck. After giving it a couple of listens, I do agree, its a pretty good album and I would definitely rate it atleast a 7/10. I dont mean to jump on the Axl hate bandwagon, but I really wish he just released it under his own name rather then the GnR namesake. Il still listen to the record here and there, but its just the fact that its called something that it isnt that bugs me a bit. Still a good album though.
    Sure. its like Pink Floyd without Roger Waters. They should be Dave Gilmour solo albums.
    I gave it a really long listen, and unfortunately I came away only liking two songs. I'm not one of the people who slam Axl for continuing with the GNR name without them or for the direction the music went, but in the end the music on the album just wasn't for me. I'd say most people did listen to it and just didn't like it.
    I respect your opinion but let's compare that to use your illusion (I and II). On the entire collection of the 30 songs only 8 or 9 are worth mentioning - and one those is a bob dylan cover - so let's say 8. That's less than 1/3 of good songs. The rest of the albums is pretty lackluster. The songs aren't bad but they're not really worth mention either. The only album that mostly works is appetite for destruction every other GNR album is 2 or 3 amazing songs + a whole shitload of filler songs that don't really cut it. Keep in mind... That's my opinion not saying you have to agree but I think that if you look at the albums objectively you'll see my point.
    On Use Your Illusions I & II, I think there's way more than 8-9 songs worth mentioning. Sure, there's the obvious one: the covers of Live & Let Die and Knockin' On Heaven's Door and the hits November Rain, You Could Be Mine, Don't Cry, Civil War, and Estranged. But then there are tracks like Get in the Ring, Don't Damn Me, Coma, Double Talkin' Jive, Garden of Eden, Locomotive, Pretty Tied Up, Yesterdays, Right Next Door to Hell, Dust N' Bones... UYIs I & II definitely aren't full of "filler" or "weak tracks," but I guess that's up to the listener to decide. Chinese Democracy on the other hand, the title track, Shackler's Revenge, Better, Madagascar, There Was A Time, I.R.S., and Sorry are the only ones that I enjoy on the album. To me, I felt the album was alright, but it was pretty weak for an album that took well over a decade to make. However, I'm still eager to hear what GNR comes out with next.
    LOL in no way, shape, or form was Chinese Democracy better than Velvet Revolver, Slash's solo efforts, or Duff Mckagans Loaded.
    It was, Duff Mckagan's stuff is pretty bad and Slash's stuff is really unoriginal and kinds boring, Velvet Revolver had a couple of good songs but after the hype of the members is gone there's not much left.
    It's all down to opinion at the end of the day but I think Slash's solo work is great. Rock'n'Roll Isn't the most original style to begin with, I mean all of Motörhead and Acdc's stuff sounds generic but it's great because of the energy!
    Thrash Addict
    I wouldnt say that Motorhead and AC/DC sound generic. They just sound like Motorhead and AC/DC. Its their sound that only they are known for. btw Slashes Snakepit and solo work>Velvet Revolver
    Regardless of whether ACDC sounded gerneric doesn't matter. they had the ablility to write good memorable songs that have stood the test of time and that's the long and short of it. I bought chinese obviously hoping it would be good but it just wasnt
    I agree.. I loved Velvet, great band.. but compared to Chinese Democracy all of Velvets music sounded like cliche watered down Rock N' Roll.
    When Chinese Democracy came out I expected it to sound a lot more like "Shacklers Revenge" and "Scraped" did but luckily it didn't as these were the weakest songs on it. The album was doomed by casual critics from the start but being a GNR, Slash, Duff and VR nut I can honestly say Chinese Democracy is at the higher end of the rankings if you take all their albums into consideration. Listen to "There Was A Time" loud on a good stereo. That is a great song that deserved a good video and promotion but sadly it never got it.
    I didn't think Chinese Democracy bore any kind of resemblance to any of GnR's previous albums bar the piano ballads, it just sounded like an Axl Rose project featuring a load of hired musicians, which it pretty much was
    Chinese Democracy was not a bad album. It's bad if you compare it to old GN'R, so just see this album as a different band (which it is!). I wouldn't say it's better than Slash, Duff, Izzy or Steven. Adler's album is pretty good and the Slash solo album is still one of my favorite albums!
    I think it mostly boils down to the fact that it took 15 years to make and it didn't live up to most people's expectations. The hype train does crazy things.
    I'm one of the few people who enjoyed CD. I honestly think it's better than anything Slash/any other ex GNR member has put out since the break up. You have to listen to CD with the mindset that this IS a different band and the music WILL be different than the original GNR.
    Totally agree! One of the main reason is the fact that all all the projects lacked an Axl Rose. Stone Temple Pilots were great, but Scott's vocals were terrible on VR. Snake pit, good vocals, but one dimensional. Duff can't sing. Adler's Appettite, no. Even Slash with a ton of different singers could come up with something that's wasn't just generic phoned in singing. There was no real feeling in any of those songs. Still a good album, but nothing that comes close to Chinese Democracy in terms of singing with emotion. What I enjoyed the most is that you could feel the frustration, and possibly the bipolarity, in Axl's vocals.
    I love Guns.. I really hope that 1 day we will see the original members back together on stage and hopefully we can get an album or 2 out of them.. But for right now I am happy with what we are getting from the members side projects.. Chinese Democracy is a great album , I just listned to the whole thing earlier today and am still very impressed.. The first couple times that I heard it I was kinda on the fence about it.. But I think that was just because of all the drama that came with it and the fact that I want the old band back.. But anyways I am super excited for this next album.. Bring it on!
    UG has literally quoted this exact statement before already, from this very interview, unless I'm mistaken. Why is it news now again? Anyway,I don't see anything coming out before 2016, and even then... It's more likely Slash will release another album -after the one that's coming now- first, IMO. Man, I can't even believe it's been six years since CD already.
    My main concern with Slash releasing another album in 2016 is that it conflicts with Alter Bridge's 3-year album cycle. And one will have to budge as a result of the extensive touring required for both bands. And it's not going to be Slash.
    While I don't like GnR, or Axl. I have to give him serious props for releasing an album (Chinese Democracy) that didn't buy in to the loudness war. From what I've heard, the least compressed of all the test masters.
    I think he can sing still very well and he might not be able to sound like the studio album every night but as long as he sounds good on the album.I do not care about how he sounds live i have heard him live on some of his newer shows and he is perfect and then i have heard him on some others where he was not well thats all i have to say about that fanboy
    Who knows i heard some the songs on C.D. was recorded 10 years prior .But how about a release date Axl instead of its ready because if it s ready well where is it then.Stop playing with people
    Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! By recorded, he means its ready to be nit-picked and modified over the next 10 years, and then they'll consider releasing it. Fuck you Axhole.
    We should all stop encouraging him. Axl's incarnation of GNR is rubbish. Yes they are all good musicians, but it is nothing more than a cover band. Anybody can play those songs. A lot of people can probably play those songs better than Slash, and a lot of people can certainly sing them better than Axl. So what? We want the original artists to perform them, and not just a shoddy reenactment. So let's all stop pretending that the Axl Rose big-band deserves our attention. It is entirely Axl's fault we can't have a reunion, and possibly the biggest rock n roll tour of all time. What a complete prick.
    he can't sing shit anymore...that's why I'm not interested anymore...simple as that...bring on the hate fanboys!
    Force Reaver
    I dont love Chinese Democracy, nor do I hate it. It just kinda exists. I will catch it on shuffle sometimes when scrolling through playlists, I leave it on. The problem I have with it is for being so long in the making I expected like 3 discs of totally mind blowing awesomeness. I still have my record I bought of it on day one along with my free Dr. Pepper that I received unopened still on a shelf. I really liked VR as a live band. Most of their tunes were generic but I loved the fact that you could see them live and hear original material as well as STP and GNR covers. I thought that was really cool!
    i'm a huge gnr fan, but all this news is the same as yesterdays and the days before...
    well first off congrats it didnt take 15 years!!! Now if Axl could actually make it to a show on time- perform- and complete the tour Ill be impressed. Axl should write a book - how to savatage yours3elf in rock stardom!!
    Not being an Axl "nutswinger" here, but I would like to point out that for the past two years GN'R are on stage and on time everytime. Last year in Australia I saw them twice and Axl was on by 8.30pm both nights. Completing a tour? the only non completed tour in the bands history was 2002. So not sure what your point is there.
    that may be but his reputation precedes him. There are still alot of people that have not forgiven or forgotten the Axl of yesterday. After the 2002 cancellation of shows I know most people lost all hope for axl. The few that didn't were really let down by Chinese Democracy. After that wait and all the hype and drama it needed to be flawless and perfect. To be fair I don't think any artist could create something that had that much hype. It would of had to been as big if not bigger than Appetite has come to be. The only real hope for GnR is a reuniting of the Appetite line up (perhaps an anniversary tour). Thats the GNR that people want.
    I like Democracy, not their best effort. Big fan of Contraband and Slash's second solo album. Both of which i think are better than Chinese Democracy. Interested in hearing the remix album.
    any one who looks at Chinese democracy as a guns n roses album is never going to like it, I think its a good album, but I love guns n roses,
    " we have what I call kind of the second half of 'Chinese.'" Man, I hoped they would have started from scratch with this one. I bought Chinese Democracy but I can't say I enjoyed that album as a full. Half of it is pretty good but that's it.
    Saw Axel on the Golden Gods award show and he was F'n aweful!!! Could hardly sing, its was really bad.