Bad Religion: New Album Update

artist: Bad Religion date: 06/27/2006 category: new releases
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Bad Religion: New Album Update
Bassist Jay Bentley recently told Kristoffer Averheim, the owner of The Bad Religion Page website, that Bad Religion's still-untitled follow-up to 2004's "The Empire Strikes First" is now likely to surface in late 2006/early 2007. As previously reported, Bad Religion were scheduled to resume the recording and mixing of the album sometime later this month or earlier in July. No further information is currently available. With regards to the possibility of a new Bad Religion album, according to previous reports on The Bad Religion Page, guitarist Brett Gurewitz stated that it would most likely be a double release. Then later Neil Davis, a profrolic visitor of the website, asked second guitarist Greg Hetson and Bentley if it is really going to be a double album. Here is Hetson's confirmation: "[00:02.10] Neil Davis: on the DVD brett said the new album is going to be a double disc? is this true or was he joking? [00:02.25] Greg Hetson: nojoke [00:02.43] Neil Davis: awesome, thanks" Here is Bentley's confirmation about the album being a double release: "hmmmmmm... let me see.. if i say it's a joke, it means less work. if i say it's true, it means... i don't know what the hell it means.. so the easy answer is "yes, it will not be a double disc". unless it is. in which case the answer is "yes, the next record will be a double disc". i hope this clears up any misunderstandings once and for all." Also to the new Bad Religion album, it was previously believed to be called "The Ultra Tyranny" as the possibke title, but it has not been offically confirmed. The title was originally posted on the message board of the band's fan site. Look for singer Greg Graffin's upcoming solo album "Cold As The Clay", due July 11th. Two songs off the album "Don't Be Afraid to Run" and "Talk About Suffering" are available for downloading at his page at "Cold as the Clay" is his first solo release since 1997's "American Leison".
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