Bad Religion Plan New Album In 2012

Bad Religion has announced that after their next European tour they plan to head back into the studio next year to record their next album.

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A new interview at the 2011 KROQ Weenie Roast found longtime punk rockers Bad Religion talking about their past, present and future as they rocked out - literally, on a swinging chair.

Members Greg Graffin, Brett Gurewitz and Jay Bentley were relaxed and even jovial ("this is the 10,000th time I've roasted my weenie"), and were glad to talk about their new music video for "Wrong Way Kids", from their 2010 album "The Dissent Of Man".

The video chronicles the band's history from a fledgling So-Cal hardcore band into one of rock music's most enduring units.

The footage ranges from early home videos taken in cramped bars, to professional-quality footage of the band touring at huge festivals.

At the end of the interview, the band confirmed that after their next European tour they plan to head back into the studio - the official website points this to early 2012.

The article can be found at and the video interview can be watched below.

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    gonna miss them xInfinityx if they stop making music. these guys are a huge reason i got into rock. News from the front blew me away
    SuicidalFreak wrote: I hope the new album isn't really going to be their last.
    I just saw them a few months ago opening for Rise Against and when he was talking to the crowd he did a little speech about call g it quits since it has been 30 years now. He talked about wanting to do one more album and one last world tour for the album and then hang it up. Was bittersweet, they are my number one influence in my music and manygreat memories involve them in some form, so I hate to think of only ever seeing them once more. On the other hand they've had an amazing run and nobody wants to see them hang on too long and become an enbarassment. Calling it after 1 more album/tour is the perfect ending. Plus, can you IMAGINE who the supporting acts are going to be? If it's BAD friggin RELIGION'S farewell tour you know all the bands are gonna be big bands, probably their closest ones from the years (NoFx, Pennywise, etc). That might be the last truly excellent bill in punk rock's history if you think of what bands could be on it. They should do a festival-type thing, like a warped tour but only good bands that they've toured with before.
    I want a new CD from them, but I want them to come to a show near my city before they retire so I can see them live.
    I always find it amazing that Bad Religion are one of the only bands that never flamed on here. Can't wait for the new cd. Best band going!
    Can't wait for this shit. I saw them last month in Philly with Rise Against and Four Year Strong. BR still kills it after 30 years. Although they talked about how they've been around a long time and they might be coming to a close in the near future.
    Hope it's a lot better than the Dissent of Man. New Maps of Hell was amazing...Dissent of Man just wasn't. :/
    its amazing how these guys have been around for a long time and still rock !
    SlaveToThePower wrote: Awesome. Now if we could get the Vandals to release another album too, we'd be set.
    I am probably going to see them on the 12th in Slovenia too..Punk Holiday!!
    Pretty sure this will be one of, if not their last, album. Saw them in April when they opened for Rise Against in Boston and they talked about them finishing up as a band.
    I can't wait for the new album... BR is still making great music after all these years.
    If it is their last I hope it's amazing. When you've been around as long as these guys though, eventually you have to set a stopping point. They're probably tired. A well deserved break if they do decide to stop. Respect them 100%.
    checked out news from the front after reading in Bleach that it was Ichigo's theme song, made me remember why punk rules