Bad Religion 'True North' Full Album Stream

artist: Bad Religion date: 01/16/2013 category: new releases
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Bad Religion 'True North' Full Album Stream
Bad Religion have posted their new album "True North" online for streaming to international fans. You can hear the full album in the player below, and buy the album when it hits stores on January 22 in the US, or January 21 elsewhere. "True North" is their 16th studio album, and to celebrate the band will broadcast an album release party on their website live from the Red Bull Sound Space. They'll be playing a short live set and taking questions from fans worldwide, so make sure you visit their website on January 22 at 3pm PST. A US tour to support the record will continue on January 23 in LA and continue through to late May, but European fans can look forward to seeing them at festival dates starting this spring, which will see the band zipping across the Atlantic so they can continue to tour the US. Stream "True North" by Bad Religion in full here:
"True North" track listing: 01. True North 02. Past Is Dead 03. Robin Hood In Reverse 04. Land Of Endless Greed 05. F--k You 06. Dharma And The Bomb 07. Hello Cruel World 08. Vanity 09. In Their Hearts Is Right 10. Crisis Time 11. Dept. Of False Hope 12. Nothing To Dismay 13. Popular Consensus 14. My Head Is Full Of Ghosts 15. The Island 16. Changing Tide
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