Baroness: We're Dying to Make a New Album!

"I don't want it to be a color, but, you know, we’ve still got one left..."

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Baroness: We're Dying to Make a New Album!

Frontman John Baizley discussed the upcoming Baroness album, telling Team Rock about the follow-up to 2015's "Purple":

"We started work on it, and I think there's been a long enough time period in between our last record being released and now, that we are just dying to get new songs out.

"Every time any one of the four of us sits down, 20 ideas spill out. So this is a period of full flower for us.

"That's another thing - when that's happening, just grab it by the reins and let it pull you. Because if not, then you're in this unfortunate position where you're forcing things.

"And forcing things becomes repetitious, finding patterns that work and systems of organization that yields predictable results is not what we want to do.

"We started playing music because we wanted to develop our own rulebook, and change those rules and adapt those rules and evolve and grow when we needed to.

"So that's happening now. I can't say that we've got a ton of songs finished, anything ready to hear, but we’ve got so much material to start with, it's exciting to think about starting to rein this in and make an album out of it."

Asked on how the new material is sounding so far, John replied:

"It's hard to say - there's so much stuff.

"I think with 'Purple' we had a very clear idea about what we wanted to do. There was a real focus, because prior to that our bass player and drummer had left, and what we felt happening in rehearsal was that our music was very amped-up, very focused, very direct.

"That meant that there were certain ideas that have always been part of the Baroness sound that we just - maybe - brushed them aside for the time being. Now I think it's time to pull some of those elements back in and find some news places to go.

"Because we've been making music for a while; we don't want to repeat ourselves. We want to keep our sound intact, but we want to develop new ideas that will yield new results and add to our sound, rather than change it.

"Sometimes really subtle, theoretic things - new compositional structures, and chord voicings, boring stuff that excites nobody except musicians.

"But the idea that we can continually open up the level of communication that's inherent within our music is more subtle and nuanced, but also more bold and genuine, and that we continually put our spotlight on things that are theoretically from a lyrical standpoint maybe difficult.

"Maybe things that were hard to say five years ago, because there was an emotional weight keeping them from coming out. I've found in recent years that the more purely I address that stuff, the better I feel about songwriting. The more our audience seems to respond to it.

"One thing I've learned is that the things that we keep real tight, these emotions and experiences that we don’t want to talk about openly, the more we do address these things, the more we realize our audience has all felt similar things, and because of that, we’re all tied to one another more strongly.

"So I think that's something we wanna do. But then it's like okay, we'll make the soft songs soft, the hard songs harder, the fast songs faster, the slow songs slower, stuff like that."

Finally, the big question - what color is the next record going to be. Mr Baizley's reply:

"We'll see. We haven't made up our minds. That's very specific, and we have not made any decisions on that, as of yet.

"I don't want it to be a color, but, you know, we've still got one left..."

Baroness have recently welcomed Gina Gleason to the fold as their new guitarist and replacement for Peter Adams, who was in the band since 2008. You can check out what they sound like in the embedded player below.

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    Purple was a solid album. Can't wait to hear new tunes from these folks.
    The black album?
    Black has been done before. I think that the next logical step would be orange, since they've done red, blue, yellow, green (blue and yellow) and purple (red and blue)