B.B. King Readies New Album

artist: B.B. King date: 07/03/2007 category: new releases
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Three months. That was the longest stretch B.B. King ever took off from the road. After six weeks, however, that old antsy feeling came knocking. "I was married then, and I'd promised my wife I would take off for a while," King said. "But since I haven't been married since 1968, I don't have anyone to argue with about that. So, I stay out there." After a 10-day hiatus following a string of Canadian dates, King's current U.S. road show revved back up again with a Southern trek that got under way June 9 in Indianola, Mississippi, with his annual homecoming concert. All told, his 2007 tour includes 150 scheduled stops. Having celebrated his 10,000th concert last year at his club in New York's Times Square, the bluesman kicked off another milestone - his 60th year on the road -- in January in Los Angeles. During the past five months, his mobile home has pulled into such cities as Phoenix, San Antonio, Chicago and Kansas City, Mo. In the middle of that tour, which is scheduled to run through year's end, King will once again squeeze in room for his annual summer blues festival. With 16 stopovers including New York, Atlanta, Dallas and Los Angeles, this year's fest circuit begins July 24 and pairs King with two other legends for the first time: Etta James and Al Green. Between performances, King will begin recording a new Geffen studio album in July with T-Bone Burnett producing. It's slated for release in early 2008. "People keep asking when I'm going to do something else with Eric Clapton or U2," King said. "But I can still do things by myself. This time, I've decided I don't want to do anything with partners for a while." Earlier this year, he also spent a week at his self-named clubs in Memphis and Nashville filming a concert DVD due later this year. A previous live album, "Live at the Regal," was inducted this year into the Grammy Hall of Fame. Thanks for the info to Yahoo!News.
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