Beady Eye 'Have Bitten the Apple' the Second Time

Liam Gallagher's band released "Second Bite of the Apple" single from their forthcoming "BE" album.

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Beady Eye have unveiled their brand new single "Second Bite of the Apple," NME reports. The song is the first piece of their forthcoming studio effort, "BE," due to release on June 10.

Beady Eye hired indie producer David Sitek (TV on the Radio, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Jane's Addiction) to work at "BE", leaving band frontman Liam Gallagher extremely pleased with the choice.

"Working with Sitek just opened something up in us," Liam Gallagher said. "He's without a doubt the best producer I've ever worked with, a real outlaw he doesn't give a f--k, no rules. We had a new found focus when we were writing it we really got our heads down and got our shit together clear heads, none of that crap from the '90s. It feels like a really special record for us."

Former Oasis frontman's band released their debut LP, "Different Gear, Still Speeding," in February 2011. The album peaked at Number Three on the UK albums chart and spawned the Top 40 hit "The Roller."

Take a listen to Beady Eye's newest single in a player below.

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    I've look for it on the iTunes Store in North America and still can't find it. I guess it's on the European store :/
    this sucks, my least favorite song on Noel's solo album is better than anything beady eye have made
    maybe 'cause it was written with Gem and other members between 2001 and 2004? as he said. Noel is not able to write these happy tunes, it probably suits you...
    so your saying you actually like beady eye?
    "connor494" I see your comments against them on EVERY website. Seems like you have a lot of time to spend for them
    NOEL said he likes Beady Eye, "they rock" and "the Roller is a ****ing number one"
    It's alright, but the whole song seems to be lacking something . . . ah yes, Noel. Seriously though, it does feel rather hollow.
    Like all songs by Beady Eye. Their first album and Noel's debut has shown clearly who made Oasis and who really wrote all Oasis fantastic songs.
    do you mean who COPIED songs. All? are you sure? 24 were not by Noel. For your info, Noel's debut contains 75% of old songs written with other members in the 2001 and 2004 sessions. Clearly? Do you even think Noel would have been KNOWN without Liam singing them? Do you even think there would have been people at Noel's gigs if he didn't play Oasis covers? they don't sound nowhere near Oasis.
    I agree. It feels like the entire song is just building up to nothing. The chorus just doesn't have enough kick for how slow the song is.
    if there was Noel, we would fall asleep. They give his depressing album as a cure for insomnia
    love beady eye, play their records all the time while my noel record collects dust, sadly. looking forward to the new beady eye album.
    Drum beat is a rip-off of "Time Of The Season" Liam's voice is not fun to listen to, sounds awful, lyrics are inane. Song itself is OK but chorus sounds like a half-baked ripoff of Donnie Iris' "Ah! Leah!" They should go open for the Stones and call it the irrelevancy tour
    maybe it was better some meaningful lyrics like Noel's: "the fool on the hill and I feel fine"? (copying 2 Beatles titles in one line, wow). If you're looking for meaning, you should check some philosophy book, this is rock'n'roll
    they sould find a way to spend their time waiting for an album from their idol every 5 years. Please just go back to smooching Noel's lazy ass
    you should be cleaning all the brown off you after crawling out of granpa Noel's anus
    Noel is simply not able to write these cool songs. He's too busy being the man who is still paying the most money for copying.
    FACTS. love the "dislikes" on my comments hahaha says a lot about how blinded they are, typical of them and still reading articles about Beady Eye