Beatles Remasters Set For Vinyl Release

date: 09/29/2012 category: new releases
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Beatles Remasters Set For Vinyl Release
Beatles fans who remain fiercely devoted to the LP format can rejoice - the Fab Four's albums are coming to vinyl. On Nov. 13, the band's original studio album remasters, which were released on CD in 2009, will make their wax debut. All 14 discs - the 12 U.K. originals, plus the U.S. version of "Magical Mystery Tour" and "Past Masters Volumes One And Two" - will be pressed on 180-gram vinyl. In addition to being available individually, the albums will be collected in a limited-edition box set that also features a 252-page hardbound book written by radio producer Kevin Howlett. The book devotes a full chapter to each album, with rare photos supplementing stories of how each of the vinyl records was prepared. Only 50,000 copies of the box set will be produced for worldwide distribution. Thanks for the report to RusseLl Hall, Gibson.
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