Beck: More New Album Details Appear

Beck's new album will be titled "The Information" and is out on October 2.

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Beck's new album will be titled "The Information" and is out on October 2, revealed.

The record, the follow-up to 2005's "Guero", was produced by Nigel Godrich. The man most famous for his production efforts with Radiohead also worked with Beck on his 2002 acoustic album "Sea Change", though "The Information" will not be a stripped-down record.

The album will come with a blank sleeve and booklet and a sheet of stickers for people to make their own sleeve. It will also come with a disc of videos - one for each track.

As previously reported, tracks that look set to feature on the as yet untitled record include "1,000 BPM", "Soldier Jane" and "Nausea" all of which Beck has been playing live recently.

In other news, Beck broke out the video camera and the green screen to film five low-budget clips for songs from the record. The videos are heavy on dudes in top hats and rapping grizzly bears, and feature cameos from his band, a baby and his wife, according to MTV News.

The videos hit the Internet late Monday and are reportedly part of a larger project Beck undertook: to film a clip for every song on "The Information." Though his record label, Interscope, would not confirm the information, England's New Musical Express reported that Beck plans to release all the videos on a DVD to be packaged along with the new album.

Regardless, the leaked videos offer fans the first real listen -- aside from various unofficial live recordings -- to material from the new LP. The songs featured in the videos are "This Girl," "1,000 Bpm," "No Complaints" and "Movie Theme." A fifth song, a gently strummed semi-acoustic number, remains unidentified.

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    beck beck beck!!! when i saw that futurama episode i actually thought he did folk, but then i listened to him and slapped myself.
    peanut head
    beck is amazingly original! I have heard stories that before his concerts he goes to pawn shops and gets a bunch of things (washing machines, spoons, etc.) and plays a song with the junk at his shows. He played 'devils haircut'with an old shelf and a wooden lattle!