Beck Plans Two Albums, Reveals New Song

artist: Beck date: 06/05/2013 category: new releases
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Beck Plans Two Albums, Reveals New Song
Enigmatic multi-instrumentalist Beck has revealed plants to release not one, but two new albums soon. Maybe he's making up for lost studio time - his innovative last album "Song Reader" was released as unrecorded sheet music for fans and other musicians to record themselves and share online. It's not clear when the untitled new albums will be released, but one is set to be an acoustic release and the other electronic. The electronic album is said to be his "official" new album to follow 2008's "Modern Guilt". So what's the acoustic album going to be about? Covers of older Beck songs, or perhaps a live performance of his "Song Reader" sheet music? Nope; Beck says it's simply "a self-contained work, one that came in the form of a burst of inspiration," according to Antiquiet. Meanwhile, he's whet appetites for the electronic release with a brand new song called "Defriended," which won't feature on either of the new albums but sounds interesting nonetheless. Listen to "Defriended" by Beck here:
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