Beck Streams 'Morning Phase' Album Online in Full

artist: Beck date: 02/18/2014 category: new releases
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Beck Streams 'Morning Phase' Album Online in Full
The long wait for Beck's new album "Morning Phase" is nearly over and the singer-songwriter is currently letting fans preview the new album online, Gigwise reports.

The first album from Beck since 2008's "Modern Guilt" is currently streaming on NPR, over a week ahead of its full release. "Morning Phase" is due for release 25 February via. Capitol Records and encompasses 13 tracks inlcluding new single "Waking Light."

The album has been described as a musical sequel to the classic "Sea Change" album, with Beck having worked with the same musicians on his new record.

"In the interim, a lot of life has happened," Beck told Billboard. "It had a huge impact on all of us, to revisit those songs. I think we were all feeling them in a different, maybe deeper way."

The impact of revisiting "Sea Change" is what eventually spun of into "Morning Phase," with band member Meldal-Johnsen describing how being together again reignited the dynamic.

"It's the same room with the same guys," he said, "with the same microphones and a lot of the same equipment and the same engineer. We don't even talk when we start these songs; we just listen and respond. These are the tones and sounds and approaches that come forth from that recipe and these five guys. I think Beck responds to music in that trusting way, where he lets things unfold without judgment."

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