Behemoth: New Trailer For 'Evangelia Heretika' DVD Released

Polish black metal group drop third trailer for upcoming concert film.

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With the holiday season quickly closing in, those with a black metal enthusiast on their list should circle Behemonth's Evangelia Heretika with a thick red pen. Today, the Polish group released a new trailer (embedded below) for their upcoming concert DVD and solidified release plans.

Evangelia Heretika will release in the United States on November 9, and according to frontman Adam "Nergal" Darski, releasing the DVD has been quite an effort.

"We've been through hell and back to make this release happen, he said in a report at Blabbermouth.

"I know we only have a few DVDs in our catalogue so far but they are not even close to what you are gonna experience with 'Evangelia Heretika'! Expect approximately five hours of essential Behemoth. Longtime Behemoth artistic collaborator Graal has provided us with some of his most disturbing and completed visuals to date."

Evangelia Heretika will be a comprehensive release. It will include three discs, containing two full shows (Live in Paris 2008, and Live in Warsaw 2009), every Behemoth music video under the sun, an Evangelion tour documentary with backstage footage and interviews, as well as a Live In Warsaw CD. For purchasing information, check out the landing page for Evangelia Heretika on Metal Blade Records' website.

Evangelia Heretika will release in the United States on November 9 courtesy of Metal Blade Records. It will debut in Poland via Mystic Records and the rest of the world from Nuclear Blast.

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    Holy crap, I really wish Nergal defeats Leukemia so he can release some more kickass albums and so I can see them live again I'm definitely getting this