Behemoth Sign To Metal Blade Records

artist: Behemoth date: 01/14/2008 category: upcoming releases

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Behemoth Sign To Metal Blade Records
Metal Blade Records has inked a North American deal with Polish extreme metalers Behemoth. The band recently finished up an extremely successful year which saw the band as direct support to headliners Hatebreed on the infamous second stage at Ozzfest and a co-headlining spot on the Radio Rebellion tour alongside now label-mates Job For A Cowboy. Behemoth played over 150 shows in 2007 and has no plans on slowing down for 2008. Expect to see a new release in the form of an EP out in the summer/fall of 2008 along with a state side tour in the spring. I have to honestly admit that we've never been more enthusiastic about the future. For last few years things have been moving forward for us like a storm and we decided to leave some secured territories and look for a new home for us. We needed something refreshing and challenging at the same time. Metal Blade and Nuclear Blast are two of the strongest and most influential labels in today's metal scene. Persistence and determination is what we have in common with both and I'm sure our future collaboration will forge a new, inspiring chapter in Behemoth's history. I simply can't wait to start working with these companies. We are proud and honored to be partnering with such greatly forward looking people. Expect big things to happen. Now only sky is the limit. At the same time I'd like to show my appreciation for all the years of hard work and dedication with our past labels: Century Media and Regain Records. I'm happy that throughout all those years we were not only business partners but also friends. I wish both nothing but success in the future. - Nergal We are honored and very excited to work with Behemoth. The band has truly established themselves as one of the greatest bands at the forefront of the extreme metal movement and we can't wait to help continue their amazing career. - Brian Slagel The band also signed to Nuclear Blast Records in Europe. Commented Nuclear Blast A&R manager Jaap Wagemaker: Behemoth have evolved into one of the best extreme technical metal bands from Europe. Last year, I saw them on stage several times and every time they came, they saw and they conquered, leaving the locations behind in smoke and ashes. This is not a band, this is a force. Nuclear Blast is looking forward to start working with Behemoth and to bring the band to the next level! Thanks for the info to
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