Between The Buried And Me Vocalist To Release Solo Album

Tommy Rogers from progressive metal legends Between The Buried And Me plans to release his debut solo album early 2011.

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As a multi-instrumentalist who is the founder, vocalist, and keyboard player for North Carolina's famous progressive metal group Between The Buried And Me (BTBAM), Tommy Rogers has proven himself to be an incredibly creative and talented musician. Now, while still being a member of BTBAM, Rogers is planning to release his first solo album sometime early next year.

This debut solo album will be entitled Pulse, and will be released under the name Thomas Giles. In addition to writing all of the music, Tommy Rogers is also playing all of the instruments and producing the album himself. Pulse will be released on February 1st, 2011 through the Metal Blade Records label.

Those of you who don't want to wait a few months to hear any of this new solo material are in luck: a music video for the upcoming single and album opener Sleep Shake will be made public shortly. The video will star Tommy, who also both filmed and edited the video.

When talking about the record, Tommy released the following: Creating this album was a very unique experience for me. I honestly never thought I would get a lot of this music recorded. This record was a way for me to step back, focus on simplified song structures and really build off of melodies. Even though I love f-cking my throat up by screaming, it was very nice to sit back and chill out a bit.

I named the record Pulse because it is a collection of thoughts and experiences I've had through the years. It's a very personal record and I hope the songs help people evaluate their lives and make the best of their time here. Find your pulse.

Fans of BTBAM needn't worry; according to Tommy Rogers, the progressive metal icons are currently writing new material. He also mentions that 2011 will see new music and touring, so if you enjoy the band's music you'll have something to look forward to next year.

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    dam son...all instruments, wrote, recorded, produced, and filmed, edited, and starred in a video....what a beast
    It's ridiculous how talented everyone in the band is... I'll be looking into this for sure. New music and touring in '11... Fuck yes.
    First of all, it's his second solo album. Secondly, it's only an EP BTBAM is putting out, though it'll probably be longer than some of the full-lengths other bands put out.
    new BTBAM second best news since i heard of tosin abasis new jazz project
    S-Tallica wrote: I hope it's all clean vocals, his voice is just lovely
    So true, as much as I love BTBAM, the songs with the clean vocals are the best, especially Backwards Marathon!!
    Yeah his new album is actually really awesome. It's got quite a lot of genres in it too! He goes from soft ambient rock, to almost drum and bass, to metal with screaming (although don't expect guitaring to the likes of Paul and Dusty). The first and last tracks are highlights for me, they really pull the album together. And also yeah! I'm ****ing amping for the new BTBAM album to come out! Hurry up and release it