Billy Corgan Shares More Details of New Smashing Pumpkins Songs

The frontman also updated fans on progress on his "spiritual memoir."

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Billy Corgan has shared more details of new Smashing Pumpkins songs, reports Spin, (via NME).

Last month, the frontman announced the band will release two new albums in 2015, with the titles "Monuments to an Elegy" and "Day for a Night."

Writing on Smashing Pumpkins official website, he wrote: "Worked through 4 songs today: 'TIBERIUS' (with new and improved epic wizard part), 'THE SPANIARDS' (de-lovely and expansive, set aside for 'DAY FOR NIGHT;' I think), 'OVERJOYED' (a Howard fave, so you know what that means hand-waving fans), and 'MONUMENTS' (which if memory serves had been 'COUGARED')."

He continued: "Not sure of our numbers now (as in 26 minus ?), but next week we’ll have to cut down to at least 12-13 songs for 'Monuments' album, with even more cuts to follow."

Corgan also revealed his progress on his "spiritual memoir," stating: "After many fits and false start I can now report that I've just finished Section 1 of my book, 'God Is Everywhere From Here to There;' with 3 more sections planned. With Part 1 clocking in around 120,000 words, I'd anticipate with the current pace that the writing process will be finished sometime around the end of this year; or early next.

"For those that don't know, the book is set as a spiritual memoir and is a dream-like take on one person's journey through temporal life. What it is not is a celebrity tale. Ostensibly each section breaks down into sub-sections, and in the case of Part 1, totaled 3 in all. While the narrative is somewhat linear, time is treated for what it really is: an illusion; and memory: our own myth."

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    "with new and improved epic wizard part" That was really deep and informative, thank you Billy.
    Corgan had become what seems almost senile at this point that "epic wizard part" makes me so excited to hear good or bad.
    ...the new SP line up is dynamite and Oceania puts them back in the game...good to see Corgan back on top and willing to share the journey...
    Pretty sure Mike and Nicole have been ousted--leaving Jeff as the only remaining member. My hope is that Jimmy C is back on the sticks.
    Where did you hear that?
    The return of JC is pure speculation...but not too far-fetched. The dismissal of NF and MB is based on the fact that both are working on their own projects right now (touring/recording/etc.)...which suggests they have not been part of the writing process. BC has only mentioned Jeff. Also, Mike has stopped following BC and the Smashing Pumpkins on Twitter. BC did not wish Mike a Happy Bday--however, granted Jeff birthday wishes (Mike/Jeff's birthdays' are just a few days apart). I gathered most of this information from several SP forums/message boards. So none of it is "fact," per se...but I feel like it's reasonable thinking.
    I loved Oceania, quit holding onto "'90s Pumpkins" Corgan IS the Smashing Pumpkins and always has been.
    With Jimmy Chamberlin on the drums...yes, I agree with you. In my opinion, BC wouldn't be where he's at without Jimmy.
    Jimmy really is the other half of the Smashing Pumpkins. His drumming style makes Billy's songs so much better. They complement each other perfectly. Mike Byrne is an excellent drummer, but it's weird listening to him play to Billy's songs. He sounds so stiff and aggressive, whereas Jimmy was loose and dynamic and that worked better for the songs.
    JImmy's drumming while technically better isn't as 'hooky' as it used to be. And just as a point listen to the drum parts off Gish at the very least, and tell me that they aren't the result of Jimmy somewhat replicating Billy's original drum machine parts. I reckon Billy had more to do with the drums than people realise.
    After his comments amounting to basically saying Billy didn't start a Rock n Roll band to play nice, I have high hopes for these albums. Bring back the edge... some darker Pumpkins stuff would be awesome to hear.
    I really enjoyed Oceania and all the other releases from Teargarden by Kaleidyscope. I'm quite eager on listening to these new songs!
    I love the 90's Smashing Pumpkins, but the band is shell of its former self and it's pretty pathetic for Billy to hang on like he is and continue to use the name. He uses is just for the brand power now, & he's spinning the brand into the ground. Give it up Billy, go off and make your own music under a new name because this isn't "Pumpkins".