Billy Corgan to Release Experimental 'AEGEA' LP After Cafe Sessions

artist: Billy Corgan date: 04/10/2014 category: new releases
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Billy Corgan to Release Experimental 'AEGEA' LP After Cafe Sessions
Billy Corgan has announced that he will be releasing an experimental LP entitled "AEGEA," Gigwise reports.

The album follows on from Corgan's numerous experimental sessions including a recent eight-hour ambient jam he performed at his Madame Zuzu's cafe in Chicago. The cafe performance is just one of many the Smashing Pumpkins frontman has put on in recent months, with "AEGEA" following along a similar ambient vein.

The album, which will be a private release, will set the buyer back $59.95 (not including postage and packing) and is made up of material recorded by Corgan in 2007. It will also be one in a line of 250, all of which will be hand numbered by Corgan.

"As a work, 'AEGEA' is experimental in nature, and comes across as more a soundtrack to some lost foreign film than the kind of music I'm usually associated with," says Corgan. "Listening back I quite like how 'AEGEA' goes along, as it has qualities that are both meditative and alien; but not alienating."

Meanwhile, Corgan recently announced that the Smashing Pumpkins will release two new albums in 2015.

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