Billy Corgan Working on New Smashing Pumpkins Material

Frontman posts facebook update.

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Billy Corgan has announced that he is writing material for the new Smashing Pumpkins record. The frontman posted a picture of himself playing acoustic guitar on Facebook, accompanied by the caption "Writing new SP songs."

It remains to be seen what the new Smashing Pumpkins material will sound like. Speaking to Crestfallen last year, Corgan expressed displeasure with the band's current direction, noting that they had become too "nicey nice:"

"I don't really know what makes sense any more," said Corgan. "I think you have to come to a place where you say, if you continue you continue with a particular vision, not keep rolling with the tide. Because the tide as it is I don't think it's that great.

"I'm not saying that the audience isn't great, or that the band isn't great. Something about it all feels a little too nicey nice. I'm not in a rock and roll band to be nice nice. It's just not my thing."

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    I don't care about his nonsense about being "nicey nice", the man is a genius and I want a new album.
    Does not being "nicey nice" mean he's returning to heavier material? Hope so. I must be one of the few people that really liked Zeitgeist.
    I know! I still don't understand all of the hate for Zeitgeist, obviously not his greatest album but there plenty of great tracks on there.
    I really liked it too. Also, tracks like "Zero" are some of my favorite SP songs.
    Generally speaking, I don't think Zeitgeist was a bad album at all, it's just that the expectations for Billy Corgan are so high, I mean given the outstanding music he created in the 90s. I for one absolutely loved TheFutureEmbrace when it came out, while most people seemed to hate it. Billy gets so much criticism for everything he does these days, but I think it's much better to try out new things, rather than get stuck in what people loved. Whatever he decides to do with the Pumpkins, it's his call, and whether you like it or not, it will have absolutely no affect on his old music, that you've already come to love. You're the consumer, enjoy what you like, avoid the rest.
    As selfish as he can be he is still a brilliant singer and composer.
    This is great news! It's like it is the 1990's again, Smashing Pumpkins announcing new material, My Bloody Valentine reformed and released an album, Slowdive reformed last week and will be touring this year. This is awesome!
    You've got to have a good balance of being nicey nice and being a bellend.
    Nicey nice, are you referring to have a rock and roll life? Lol. Billy, everybody grows up. anyways, just focus on making a great album.
    Jacques Nel
    Hope to hear some heavier stuff if this is the case. Songs like Tarantula and Doomsday Clock. No more whining to half eJay generated beats please!
    My suggestion is to tone back the keyboards a tad and increase the amount of fuzzy guitars. The best blend of that was in Machina IMO.
    Looks mildly similar to an acoustic I have. But the one in the pic is smaller....and mine was made into an electric acoustic by the person who owned it before me. Ended up practically destroying a perfectly good vintage acoustic too.