Billy Idol Announces New Album, Premieres First Single

artist: Billy Idol date: 08/27/2014 category: new releases

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Billy Idol Announces New Album, Premieres First Single
Billy Idol announced a brand new album, "Kings & Queens of the Underground." Listen to the first single off it, "Can't Break Me Down," below.

This will be the first singer's album since 2006's "Happy Holidays," a Christmas-themed album filled with mostly traditional numbers like "Frosty the Snowman" and "Silent Night," and the first album of brand new material since 2005's "The Devil's Playground."

AsĀ Ultimate Classic Rock reports, the album was mostly produced by Trevor Horn, who produced Yes' "Owner of a Lonely Heart."

The album comes out two weeks following the publication of Idol's autobiography, "Dancing With Myself." He'll also launch a short European tour - including shows in London and Milan - a few weeks after the record comes out. More dates are promised for the future, and will most likely be announced closer to the album's release.

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