Billy Talent To Release Fourth Album

artist: Billy Talent date: 04/13/2010 category: upcoming releases

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According to a recent interview, Billy Talent will be releasing a fourth record in the near future. Drummer Aaron Solowoniuk commented on what's next for the band saying they do have plans to release Billy Talent IV. "I'm really excited about IV as its going to be really new for us," he said. "We are making a big move to a new place to create it and it's going to be absolutely wonderful." The drummer also discussed the band's recent tour with Alexisonfire and Against Me! calling it the best tour he's ever done, despite the lineup not including the British hardcore group Gallows, who were scheduled to play with Billy Talent the last few months. When asked about Billy Talent's history, Solowoniuk said they understand what it took to make them successful. "We've just paid our dues for so long that we will never take anything, like our popularity, for granted because it took us so long to get there," he said. Although a release date is unknown, Billy Talent's next record will be their fourth in the group's 17-year existence. They've released three albums to date over the past seven years with all of them going Platinum in Canada and Gold in Germany.
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