Black Keys's Patrick Carnay Joins Black Lips

The drummer will co-produce the new Black Lips album alongside other special guests.

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The Black Lips are recording their new album with the Black Keys drummer Patrick Carnay, NME reports.

Their bassist Jared Swilley has confirmed that the follow up to their 2011 album "Arabia Mountain" is being recorded in Nashville where Carney is producing part of the album which he says will combine "club bangers and southern rock anthems."

Carnay isn't the only special guest to feature on the credits: "Bradford [Cox] from Deerhunter usually makes it on our albums in some capacity as well," said Swilley.

Meanwhile, the band are prepping a tour documentary called "Kids Like You and Me" which follows their 2012 tour across the Middle East where they played unlikely rock venues in Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq and Cyprus.

Describing the unusual tour, Swilley said: "Dubai was a little weird because we weren't allowed to talk to the audience at all or interact with them. We had to play in a hotel so we were considered employees of the hotel, and weren't allowed to speak to anyone unless we were spoken to.

"We're working real hard to get to Antarctica right now. There is a research centre there and it has a pub. There are 1,500 to 1,600 contractors and scientists working there, so we just have to get the money to get down there."

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    Misleading title... "Black Keys's Patrick Carney to co-produce new Black Lips album" would have done just fine, but NO, you had to mislead people, didn't you, UG? Bastards!
    I'm not sure how I feel about Carney as a producer. He produced the Sheepdog's last record, and it sounded like an El Camino rip-off at times
    i agree, Feeling Good definitely sounded a little too much like The Black Keys in my opinion.
    This is sweet! Black Lips are a great band. I don't listen to much Black Keys but I dig Patrick and I think he'll be a nice touch.
    I was curious, so I looked up Black Lips... Certainly an enjoyable listen, to say the least - somewhat Cage the Elephant-esque (or is Cage the Elephant somewhat Black Lips-esque?) Interested to see what they do with Pat helping produce - hopefully it won't just turn into a red-headed step-Black Keys album.