Black Label Society Announce New Album 'Catacombs of the Black Vatican,' Confirm Release Date

Record to drop in April, will be "completely the same as the last nine."

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Black Label Society have officially announced the details of their ninth studio effort "Catacombs of the Black Vatican," confirming an April 8 release and the same relentless approach.

Scheduled to drop via eOne Music, the album comes as a follow-up to 2010's "The Order of the Black," a record that scored Zakk Wylde and co. A No. 4 spot on the US Billboard 200 chart.

Chatting with Blairing Out show back in November, Wylde jokingly described the album: "It's all going to be all completely the same as the last nine records, except just different song titles. [Laughs]"

The band has also unveiled a teaser clip for the upcoming release, featuring Zakk's monologue. "Face your fear. Accept your war. Destroy and conquer. Within the catacombs of the black Vatican," the axeman says.

In the latest BLS news, the group parted ways with longtime guitarist Nick Catanese last month and recently had him replaced with Dario Lorina of Lizzy Borden fame.

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    The jazz Man
    Hoping for plenty of those heavy drop B and A riffs he's famous for.. Can't wait.. Manchester Chapter UK
    It's well known that Zakk's a very funny guy, but this title is just a masterpiece. Black Label - Europe is waiting for you.
    They toured with Judas Priest and I saw them live, otherwise I never would have. It was pretty cool but the venue did not have very good sound quality.
    Zakk probably burst out laughing after reading this monologue in the mic. I can imagine him doing that. lol Just can't take him seriously.
    Honestly don't think Zakk even tries on the album names anymore haha. Can't wait to hear the new album, fingers crossed its nice and heavy.
    I don't think he's been trying on anything for the better part of the last decade. Back when it was all side projects or just before they got as big as they are now, it seemed like there was more thought put into the material. Now it's like they've been playing the same long song ever since Mafia came out, and it hasn't helped them produce their best material. A lot of stuff had the same feels to it before, but there was still an evolution going on. But ever since Mafia, it's like he's just been stuck in an uninspired rut of chugga-chugga-squeal, noodly-noodly-noodly.
    On a serious note, I cannot wait for this album! 'Order of the Black' seem like forever ago now. Good to see Zakk is taking his time and enjoying life in between albums though. SDMF! Charlotte, NC Chapter!
    Another solid dose of Black Label... Not much wrong with that!! Too bad ET wont be with them, all the best to him. I am pretty impressed with the new guy after checking him out, guy is a monster.
    for me, Order of The Black was nothing like what I expected. in a bad way, that is. hopefully this new album won't turn out to be the same over-produced commercial crap like the previous release. something in the vein of 1919 Eternal, Stronger Than Death or even The Blessed Hellride would be f-in' great!
    Did they pull that album title out of a hat filled with metal cliches?
    No.. ?? ? The black vatican is the name of Zakk's studio where they record the black label albums. I'm sure this name has some meaning , perhaps an inside joke where they joked about the dead bodies buried beneath the studio or something.. besides, zakk is well known for enjoying cliched things, joking around and not taking things seriously. relax bro.
    I'm a huge zakk fan and black label fan and cannot wait for the new album but that video was beyond corny and stupid.
    Honestly don't think Zakk even tries on the album names anymore haha. Can't wait to hear the new album, fingers crossed its nice and heavy.
    Yes. Bring it to the kids. SDMFers everywhere. Get my colors out.... Whooooo.