Black Sabbath Announce Album Release

An official release date for their first album in 35 years has been confirmed, with details on world tour dates to follow shortly.

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Black Sabbath have announced a release date for their forthcoming album on June 10.

"13" will be their first studio album in 35 years, and sees the original lineup reunite on a new recording with producer Rick Rubin in Los Angeles.

They are joined by Brad Wilks of Rage Against The Machine on drums, after a contractual dispute with original drummer Bill Ward shut him out from the reunion in early 2012.

The album will be available in several different formats, including both standard and deluxe CD albums, 12" heavyweight vinyl, and a super-deluxe box set with a bonus documentary film shot by Jack Osbourne.

Black Sabbath will embark on a world tour with appearances in Australia, New Zealand and Japan, with additional tour plans in Europe and North America expected to be announced in the coming days.

In other recent Sabbath news, Tony Iommi has written the Armenian entry to the Eurovision song contest, which takes place from May 14. He's apparently a big fan of the country and is known to visit with Deep Purple singer Ian Gillan.

Will the new Sabbath album live up to old expectations? Let us know in the comments.

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    It's actually their first studio album in 18 years, almost to the day. Oh you meant with Ozzy? Then 35 years sounds about right.
    Just out of curiosity, wouldn't it technically have been four years ago since the previous Black Sabbath release? Wouldn't Heaven & Hell's "The Devil You Know" count as a Black Sabbath release since everyone in Heaven & Hell were in a previous line-up of Sabbath?
    No, think about this: Does an album by Audioslave count as a Rage Against the Machine release? Both groups had the original lineup besides the singer. Heaven and Hell = Ronnie James Dio Audioslave = Chris Cornell
    Well by that logic you're saying Heaven and Hell, Mob Rules, and Dehumanizer aren't Sabbath albums because they have Ronnie James Dio on vocals. The way I see it, Heaven & Hell (band) ≠ Sabbath, because they decided to go under a different moniker and take a slightly different musical direction, and Audioslave ≠ RATM for pretty much the same reasons, however, a lineup change doesn't mean that it is a completely different band, if they still voluntarily operate under the same band name.
    Sheep Shagger
    Amazing that some people are comparing TDYK to Audioslave/RATM. Those two bands were always intended to be two separate bands from the start. Heaven and Hell is a renamed Black Sabbath lineup that has toured as Sabbath on several occasions. Tony Iommi on TDYK: "It really is Black Sabbath, whatever we do. We just choose to go out as Heaven & Hell so everyone knows what they're getting [and] so people won't expect to hear 'Iron Man' and all those songs." I'll take Tony's word over anyone else's. It's a Black Sabbath album.
    Such a sh*t album title! at lease make it XIII lol
    They're Black Sabbath, at this point they can do whatever the hell they want.
    Yeah, I've seen Ozzy wear rainbow socks and it's still cool. If you invent The Metal you can definitely do whatever you want.
    Except Ozzy didn't invent metal - Iommi did. Not meant as to depreciate Ozzy, but if Iommi hadn't had downtuned his entire guitar (because of the factory accident), we would never have had the classic "heavy" sound of Black Sabbath.
    I was actually referring to all Black Sabbath members in general. Ozzy was the specific example.
    Just woke up to this and had a massive boner after reading the news. Talk of morning glory.
    Rob Man
    Tuned-Down guitars and Ozzy fronting Sabbath? I will be purchasing a new album on (June 10th). Guess which one?
    Sound city, QOTSA, New AIC album, and Black Sabbath reunion... This is becoming the best year for music in a long, long time...
    Killswitch Engage, Alkaline Trio next month. A Day To Remember soon possibly. Pearl Jam, August Burns Red, Protest The Hero, Born of Osiris, The Devil Wears Prada, Of Mice & Men, possibly Trivium, Tool and Foo Fighters...just to sum up the rest...Im sure Ill get downvotes tho...
    how about getting hyped for, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Judas Priest, Opeth, Dream Theater, Megadeth, Slayer, and Children of Bodom?
    ^ Thank you. I downvoted vppark2 because of the lack of bands like these. I only saw three bands on their list that I'm looking forward to...Foo Fighters, Tool and Pearl Jam.
    Not sure if downvotes for people disagreeing with bands... or because downvotes were expected.
    I was reading this when out of a sudden the wizzard came on through my ipod on shuffle. I have 25,000 songs on it..... ITS A SIGN!!!!!
    I'm not putting so much hype into this, but really just a standard and honest Black Sabbath album will make me happy.
    I'm not normally a fan of older bands new releases but I'm actually kind of excited for this one, I could see it being great. Also it's unfortunate they couldn't get Bill Ward to come back but I don't even care, if they come to Vancouver I will pay anything to see them play.
    Who cares about the f**king TITLE??? "Paranoid" sounds like a dumb album title until you listen to how amazing of a record it is. It's a Black Sabbath album. If it's good NO ONE will think "13" is a bad album title because the songs will back it up. Let the thing come out and listen to it before you cry about the title not being good enough for your apparently amazing taste. They wrote and recorded those classic albums, not you or I or anyone else... I think they're qualified to name their album whatever the hell they want.
    Paranoid never sounded like a dumb title, what the hell are you talking about?
    Just making a point. "Paranoid" as an album title sounds like nothing; It's the fact that it's become known as a classic album full of great songs that's made the title mean something.
    Actually, 'Paranoid' IS a pretty dumb title, according the band's opinion. The title of that record was meant to be 'War Pigs,' hence the pink dude with the sword and shield on the front cover. When it was released in the U.S., the record company decided that, what with tense opinions on war in light of Vietnam and such, the title would have to be changed. Since 'Paranoid' (the song) had charted well, they figured that should be the record's title. However, the art had already been drawn up and decided upon, making the name change contrary to the album art. Reed books, dood. Gawd. There's information in 'em.
    Face R1pper
    "sees the original lineup reunite on a new recording" Did I miss something? Did they get Ward back into this?
    if ya wanna be technical it rly is the follow up to the Devil You Know with Dio before he died.....just sayn
    DIdn't Ozzy say the album sounded like "Satanic Blues"? That would have been a sick album title. Black Sabbath: Satanic Blues
    Yes!!!! I can already tell this album is gonna be one of their best!!
    Bill Ward = BW Brad Wilk = BW Not much of a difference there
    13 is such a bland name...come on guys..
    Check out "Black Sabbath: Vol. 4" and "Black Sabbath", Staind's "Chapter V" and "Staind" (formerly known as "Seven"), "Metallica" (aka the black album), and other "bland" names. But I do understand that the name has nothing to do with the music, and it is kind of uncreative.
    It's Brad WILK, not WilkS. It just makes it worse that it was in bold, lol. Kinda looking forward to this - I think Ronnie James Dio was much more talented as a vocalist, but Sabbath without Ozzy just isn't really Sabbath for me.
    Not a massive fan of Sabbath without Dio, but I'll give this a listen.
    Oh no, someone has an original opinion and prefers the style of a different vocalist. KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!!!
    not a massive fan of aerosmith without joe perry... or van halen without roth... or guns n roses without everyone... shut up
    not really the same thing man come on. a lot of people dislike everything you just mentioned because its "cool" but there are a large amount of people who dont like ozzy as a singer very much and people who like dio better with the rest of the band. and some people like sabbath with ozzy better
    I much prefer Ozzy in Black Sabbath. I think Dio was a better singer, and they had a few good songs together, but I don't think his best days were with Black Sabbath. I'd say what he did with Rainbow and his 'solo' bands was arguably much better than his work with Black Sabbath. Therefore, I would say what you said is more along the lines of saying you don't enjoy Van Halen without Sammy Hagar or Judas Priest without Tim Owens.
    Sleez Boy
    yeah great although it will not be the same without Bill Ward. It's like what's the point of showing off a Honda if you don't have "H" to show it off. That's just my opinion.
    They wanted to change the name to Heaven and Hell from Black Sabbath when dio joined. They didn't due to pressure from their record company. The black sabbath name is easier to sell then Heaven and Hell. So technically it would be a different band if they had their way at the time.
    Whereas reunions and new, long delayed albums go, I'm actually excited for this one.
    I coulda fricken sworn they did stuff in the 80's..with Dio, while Ozzy was doing Ozzmosis and shit like that? And I thought they did an album 5-10 years ago? Maybe that was just a greatest hits.. Either way, no Bill Ward. Can't say this is an album I would like to actually spend money on. Sharon doesn't need any more.
    They did do two albums with Dio in the very early 80s, and then one more in 1992. Ozzmosis is from around 1995, while Tony Martin was back with the band again, and Black Sabbath put out a live reunion album of greatest hits around 1999, if you'd call it that. I'm not sure what you're getting at, though. If it's the 35 years thing, they're referring to the last time there was a Black Sabbath studio album with Ozzy on vocals.
    Well, actually this is their first album in 18 years or is "Forbidden", released in 1995 no sabbath album?