Black Sabbath Announce New Album Title

Metal legends unveiled the album's title and release date.

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Black Sabbath have today announced that their new album will be titled "13" and that the record, which will feature 15 songs, is set to be released in June.

As NME reports, the album has been primarily recorded in Los Angeles with producer Rick Rubin. The record features original Black Sabbath members Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi and Geezer Butler.

According to NME, drums on the record will be handled by Rage Against The Machine sticks man Brad Wilk, who replaces original Sabbath member Bill Ward.

In his end of year message on his official website back in December, Tony Iommi stated that the band will be touring as much as they are able. The guitarist was diagnosed with lymphoma at the beginning of 2012:

"What a year! Certainly not the one I was expecting. Thanks to you all for your massive help and support, it was very encouraging. I'm still working on the album and managed to play three shows, not bad given the news a year ago. I'm looking forward to next year, seeing what you think of the record and touring as much as we're able."

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    Personally, I don't think "13" is the most original title ever... but the music will make up for that I'm sure.
    At least it isn't "TH1RT3EN".
    I have to say, I have never liked this trend of people substituting letters for numbers or spelling things wrong on purpose; it just seems childish to me. As a metalhead I really don't want to be viewed as the kind of person who does this. Good for Black Sabbath!
    Like Pink!, MegaDave is just Missundaztood. Damn...that was painful to misspell.
    The only one who can do it is Prince. If it's by someone else, then it's childish. But Prince can do it.
    I think TH1RT3EN is the best album title based on that number, with the 1 and 3 woven into the name.
    this is not sabbath without ward...i dunot understand that reunions without original members,call me dumb if u like,i know zeppelin does,its everything good and kick as*s playing but dont ruin legacy,better left it untouched and let us to keep one beautiful fantasy bout great band,one of the greatest who ever existed
    I know this will go down, but the number 13 has big significance for Illuminati. So I don't think it's a coincidence that Megadeth and Black Sabbath are using it.
    I'm sure Dave Mustaine will have an interesting theory about this..
    Somehow, I think that Dave respects Sabbath enough to stay mum on this one.
    He's just a human being like anyone else, and I'm not a fan or a hater when it comes to him, but damn I sure am tired of all these Dave comments. Give it a rest, you all sound like 10 year olds that just heard their first joke and keep repeating it every hour of every day. I wish UG would do a topic based on the amount of hours wasted on Dave Mustaine jokes/comments. Then people would be ashamed and UG wouldn't be going off-topic because most of it's topic's aren't of real interest to a real musician anyways.
    Mustaine's weekly rants are like having that one friend in your group that can't stop embarrassing himself but everyone keeps around as the source of entertainment for when things get slow and boring.
    Brad Wilk on drums should be decent.
    no idea why no one else has mentioned this tidbit. i haven't listened to ratm in ages but they know how to party
    I wonder what happened to Tommy Clefutos on drums....? Even though I like Brad Wilk in there better.
    he's the touring drummer, brad is seriously underrated, i can excuse a new RATM album for this.
    I don't see Wilk fitting in really well with Sabbath. He's tight, but fill-wise he's lacking.
    I'm curious to hear what he brings to the table. Just because someone isn't well known for doing something (in their main band) doesn't necessarily mean that they aren't capable of doing it.
    That's true, I think Wilk's tightness will bring a TON to Sabbath, I'm just afraid that he'll do what he did in Audioslave; Driving rhythm, not super show-ey, not really exploring outside his boundaries.
    Really waiting this album! But title ''13'' is in my opinion really bad name for album..
    Produced by Rick Rubin.. ugh
    Yeah, every time I hear his name I think of Corey Taylor's rant about him only showing up once a week, stuffing is fat face with some blue sh*t, and telling them to "play it for him".
    too many people use this guy. hes a good producer, but there are others out there.first guy i would want is bob rock. listen to the sound quality on dr.feelgood. its insane!
    Just don't get desperate like Metallica did and ask him (Bob Rock) to be in your band.
    yeah they took it wayyyyy to far with that. i watch some kind of monster and just sit and laugh. everything is so bad hahahah. the music. the persoanl problems. the decisions
    Id love to hear what the producer behind Orchids Capricorn could do for the band, or some producer from the same circles of music. Take their sound back to where it began, but with a slight modern edge. I cant really imagine how Rubin would fit with a band like Sabbath.
    Literally everything he produces is brickwalled to hell. The Loudness War is BAD, Rick. BAD.
    Speaking of the LOUDNESS war, the self-titled Hellyeah album actually made my head hurt. I listen to all sorts of death metal and never had the same reaction. There is something terribly f#$ked up with the recording or mastering process of that album. Apparently Sterling Winfield also produced Reinventing the Steel, which sadly was rehashing the riffs.
    yeah, Rick Rubin achieved his peak about 20 years ago with acts like the Smashing Pumpkins. He should pack it in.
    If Black Sabbath makes an album title called 13, you don't question it. "13" is dark and simple, true Black Sabbath. Normally however, '13' would be a bland album title.
    I'm quite a Sabbath fan but for some reason I can't get interested in this album and the title "13" doesn't help.... I hope it does well for them but tbh I'm very "meh" about this.
    If you won't listen to album based on your opinion of the title i'm going to have to go and say you're a poseur
    I don't think that's what he said. To me it sounded like he was saying that despite being a huge Sabbath fan, his interest in new material from them is only meh and the title doesn't do anything to change that opinion.
    I totally understand what Skuuzzmo is saying...I absolutely love the old Gn'R...and I would love a full reunion...just to tour though cause I wouldn't want a new cd cause those guys can't record anything together any more...worst thing that happened to them is they can never come close to Appetite.
    That's because Appetite is a once-in-an-eternity album and nothing in its group will be able to come close to it.
    I feel somewhat the same way, mostly because i havent really enjoyed anthing Sabbath related released after Headless Cross. Im hoping that they do something really cool, something that blows all the new bands that are heavily inspired by Sabbath out of the water. But im having a hard time imagining how that could happen, but defineately hoping for the best.
    I love that Brad Wilk is playing drums on the album! I figured that best case scenario they'd get Mike Bordin or worst case it would be someone washed up. I hope he's also the touring drummer.
    No Bill Ward will always be a bummer, but oh man, Brad Wilk? This might just sound perfect. Brad isn't the usual modern metal drummer. RATM, like early Sabbath is a band heavy mostly through its rhythm section. Sparked my interest even more than before.
    got no problem with the album title being "13" as long as all the music inside the album are pure awesome-sauce then my money is ready.
    with producer Rick Rubin. Uh, does this necessarily mean that he is NOT the producer for Metallica's next album? Or...?
    Either way, we get to hear Black sabbath in all their glory - compressed to shit and deafeningly loud compared to everything else on your iPod.
    From what artists have said about his techniques, it sounds like Rick Rubin could 'produce' 30 albums a day without affecting his own quality standards.
    I don't think Metallica are planning to release an album this year anyway. I doubt this will interfere with that.
    It's Sabbath man, if it's 13 it WILL be Evil. There's nothing more to say.
    When Ozzy mentioned the next year (now this year) as the hint for the album title, I wasn't thrilled by now that I see the album is not at least called '2013' but only '13' it's even worse... I think this title is shoulder to shoulder with the Sabotage album cover...
    Surprising to see Brad Wilk on the drums. He's a good drummer for his genre, but personally I'd rather seen a "classic style" drummer like Tommy Aldridge or Vinny Appice (Seeing as Tommy already worked with Ozzy in the 80s, and Vinny both with Sabbath and Heaven & Hell), think it would fit their music better. Still very psyched and expectant to hear what the final result is going to sound like.
    is brad wilk will be their drummer on studio recording and on tour?
    Wow. Brad Wilk drumming for Black Sabbath? Best news I've heard in a long time.
    Mr. Baloonhands
    nothing against Brad Wilke, but does anyone else feel like thats a pretty random pick to fill in on drums for Black Sabbath? how did this not make an article?
    Counting down the minutes until Dave Mustaine says something on stage about Black Sabbath that everyone can't help but hate him for
    I don't regard this as their "first album" since Never Say Die. Bill ain't on board, this one's no more special than any other Sabbath record in their discography past Never Say Die (except for Reunion).
    Plus, even though I'm a huge fan, I don't know if I'd wanna see them on tour... Ozzy can't cut it anymore, I've seen him twice in the past 3 years and both shows his singing was below average.
    13 is a silly album title. There have been plenty of examples of a good metal album title. Master of Reality, Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Heaven and Hell, Mob Rules, Dehumanizer, all badass album titles. You can't possibly tell me they ran out of ideas that they just decided to go with 13.
    Sammy Mantis
    Cool to see this actually coming to fruition. Hopefully the music will be a lot better than the generic, uncreative title.
    Aww c'mon be more original. Atleast put something like Vol.13 or sth
    I enjoyed Vol 8: The Threat is Real by Anthrax, but We Come For You All kinda crushed it.
    So many little brats on hear bitching about the title. If they would have come up with a long title you would bitch about that and say its cheesy and that sabbath is trying to hard. "13" is perfect. It simplistic but evil at the same time, and its just one number. perfect.
    Dumb album name, I don't understand the significance. Get Bill Ward back in the band please, this really isn't Black Sabbath without him.
    @Barricade_28 I have a feeling they're going for the idea of 'bad luck'. Like the drummer leaving, Iommi getting cancer, ect.
    I really think they should have gone with Chris Tsangarides as the producer, though. The guy co-produced The Eternal Idol which might not be their best effort, but he's worked with artists and bands like Judas Priest (Painkiller), King Diamond, Thin Lizzy and Gary Moore, and I think he'd be a perfect fit.
    Wouldnt be the worst choice, id say Eternal Idol had a pretty neat sound. If the album sucked it was because of the song writing (Though i actually regard as one of their better, i just really enjoy a lot of their 80s material for some reason).