Black Sabbath Announce New Single

artist: Black Sabbath date: 04/15/2013 category: new releases
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Black Sabbath Announce New Single
Black Sabbath will release a new single "God is Dead?" on April 19 as a digital release. The eight-minute track is the first from their new album "13" recorded by Rick Rubin, and will be released on June 11. Sabbath fan site were given an impression about the single from the man who heard it in the crowd at a recent album listening party. He gave it a positive review. "This song slays. Very cool riffing and a good melody line," the website said. "An excellent song, worthy of standing with anything in the Ozzy catalog." Antiquiet were more critical: "'God Is Dead?' wears you down over nearly nine long minutes it's sung without the question mark in the title, making for a bit of a jarring statement." In other Sabbath news, guitarist Tony Iommi has commented on their producer Rick Rubin who is known to rarely be in the studio with bands who's albums he works on. Black Sabbath haven't criticised Rubin in the way that others like Slipknot's Corey Taylor has in the past, but Iommi says it was an unusual experience for them. "It was funny at first, because coming to rehearsals, when we were actually writing the songs, he'd come down for like, five or ten minutes and then go," Iommi said (via Blabbermouth). "Then he'd go, 'Call me when you've got another one.' So it was really strange. We'd never worked with anybody like that before." Meanwhile, a new studio video by Ozzy Osbourne's son Jack has been posted online and features the band talking with new drummer Brad Wilk from Rage Against the Machine about getting back together and finding their old spark for the new recording. Watch Jack Osbourne's new Black Sabbath studio video "Together Again" here:
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