Black Sabbath Announce New Single

The eight-minute "God is Dead?" will be available digitally on April 19. Meanwhile, watch the new studio video posted by Jack Osbourne.

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Black Sabbath will release a new single "God is Dead?" on April 19 as a digital release.

The eight-minute track is the first from their new album "13" recorded by Rick Rubin, and will be released on June 11.

Sabbath fan site were given an impression about the single from the man who heard it in the crowd at a recent album listening party. He gave it a positive review. "This song slays. Very cool riffing and a good melody line," the website said. "An excellent song, worthy of standing with anything in the Ozzy catalog."

Antiquiet were more critical: "'God Is Dead?' wears you down over nearly nine long minutes it's sung without the question mark in the title, making for a bit of a jarring statement."

In other Sabbath news, guitarist Tony Iommi has commented on their producer Rick Rubin who is known to rarely be in the studio with bands who's albums he works on. Black Sabbath haven't criticised Rubin in the way that others like Slipknot's Corey Taylor has in the past, but Iommi says it was an unusual experience for them.

"It was funny at first, because coming to rehearsals, when we were actually writing the songs, he'd come down for like, five or ten minutes and then go," Iommi said (via Blabbermouth). "Then he'd go, 'Call me when you've got another one.' So it was really strange. We'd never worked with anybody like that before."

Meanwhile, a new studio video by Ozzy Osbourne's son Jack has been posted online and features the band talking with new drummer Brad Wilk from Rage Against the Machine about getting back together and finding their old spark for the new recording.

Watch Jack Osbourne's new Black Sabbath studio video "Together Again" here:

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    I hope they do some C#, that shit is groovy as ****
    +100000. Master Of Reality is my all time favorite Sabbath record and it grooves like no other. Can't go wrong with some good ol C# tuning.
    Nero Galon
    It looks like they genuinely had a great time doing the album, lets just hope it lives up to they're/our expectations.
    Sheep Shagger
    Can't wait! "Sabbath fan site were among the crowd who heard the single at a recent album listening party" That particular review was given to Joe S. via email from someone that attended the listening party. No one from that site actually attended it.
    Don't do this to me, Black Sabbath! I have a university exam that day! Do you really think I'm going to actually go and do the exam knowing that there is a new Black Sabbath single I can listen to?
    Someone should interview Rubin, and ask him what he's been doing during the production process recently, and why he does it. I'm honestly curious if this man is just letting bands bring out their magic and giving them subtle tips to make the music better, or he's just a lazy *****.
    Looking forward to this album, despite not liking the album art or the name but hey who cares?!
    Rubin is one lazy bastard, he should show a bit of passion for what he does.
    No, Rubin is a great producer. He offers suggestions here and there, but steps back and let's the band do their thing. Too many producers try to mold a band into what THEY want to hear and not what the band wants to play.
    that bit about rick only being there for 10 mins actually sounds very promising, IE that he has a small influence to the structure and vocals, but still lets that sabbath essence out
    I am most surprised about seeing Iommi's fingers, I am a huge fan of his and know that he lost the tips before Sabbath but this is the first time where I have seen them up close.
    Wish this band would just go
    I wish you would just go
    Black Sabbath suck honestly. Iommi is overrated and Ozzy can't sing anymore. Ozzy was only good in the Randy days. Now THAT was a good guitarist
    I agree that Ozzy's vocals have never been all that fantastic, but how can you call Iommi overrated?! If you like metal, chances are almost all of your favorite musicians were in some way influenced by the team of Iommi and Butler (and Ward/Appice to a certain extent).
    You shall forever burn in hell for that little comment, no one disrespects THE Black Sabbath!
    Were you not loved as a child?
    The only thing that he could brag actually is what he thought was the "Slash" tone. hahahaha!!! He seemed to really lack attention all his life. Poor kid.
    This actually majorly disturbed me. I'll never have the same faith in (some of) humanity.