Black Sabbath Confirm New Album, World Tour

artist: Black Sabbath date: 11/14/2011 category: new releases

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Black Sabbath Confirm New Album, World Tour
Black Sabbath have officially reunited! A new video on their official website confirms the worst kept secret in the rock world for months, which you can see below. One surprise is the confirmation of a brand new album, their first in 33 years, to be released in fall 2012. Speaking at a press conference on November 11, bassist Geezer Butlers says the new songs are "back to the old Sabbath style and sound. The stuff that Tony [Iommi] has been playing is absolutely brilliant." Iommi is said to have finished seven or eight songs, which they will take to producer Rick Rubin for completion. The band credit Rubin for encouraging to make another record, with Iommi joking: "He phoned us every give minutes!" "[Rubin] was the obvious choice," said Ozzy Osbourne of the producer who has worked with Metallica, Slipknot, Slayer, System Of A Down and leading artists from other genres. The band will headline Download festival on June 12 next year, before commencing on a worldwide tour, which will earn them a share of more than 100 million ($160 million), according to The People (via NME). Over their career, Black Sabbath have sold over 70 million albums, and were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in 2006. They have reformed several times over the years, but the rumours of a new reunion were less expected because of their age and the gruelling requirements of a large scale tour. When guitarist Tony Iommi was asked if they were fit enough to continue, he answered "Who knows? I mean, somebody might keel over."
Are you excited about hearing new material from one of the greatest metal bands of all time? Share your excitement or otherwise in the comments.
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