Black Sabbath Debut New Track 'Methademic' Live in Melbourne

Metal pioneers premiere "13" bonus song during an Australian performance.

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Black Sabbath seem to be quite keen on the new material as yet another song off the upcoming record "13" saw its live debut during the current Australian tour.

Titled "Methademic," the new tune found its place on the April 29 setlist, right between the old classics "N.I.B." and "Fairies Wear Boots." With Tommy Clufetos handling the drummer duties, you can check out the bootleg video footage below.

The song itself will be a part of the new album's deluxe edition as one of the three bonus songs. The record is set for a June 11 release via Vertigo/Universal Records, marking the first Sabbath release to feature Osbourne on vocals since 1978's "Never Say Die."

The group has previously made a live debut of the forthcoming single "End of the Beginning," which is set for an exclusive premiere on the "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" series season finale on May 15. The first "13" single, "God Is Dead?," was officially streamed about two weeks ago via the group's YouTube channel.

The four-piece currently has a world tour at their hands, with a confirmed set of North American dates during the summer, followed by a winter European concerts trek.

"13" track listing:

01. End of the Beginning 02. God Is Dead? 03. Loner 04. Zeitgeist 05. Age of Reason 06. Live Forever 07. Damaged Soul 08. Dear Father

Deluxe-edition bonus tracks:

09. Methademic 10. Peace of Mind 11. Pariah

YouTube preview picture
YouTube preview picture

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    As much as I love him, what would Ozzy do without that mic stand?
    If he moves, will he fall?
    The title reminds me of a joke. I make my wife do all the cooking. Those meth fumes are dangerous.
    I was there! When Ozzy introduced it I thought he had ****ed up or something but sure enough they played an actual new song! Unfortunately most people went to the toilets and to get drinks...
    Haters, try to write interesting new stuff at their age and see what you come up with, I think this new stuff is great!!!!
    Sounds like something reminiscent of The Devil You Know, really. Awesome.
    agreed. I'm always amazed at how Iommi can still write fresh, heavy riffs after all these years. Butler is underrated as always, and he's still laying down them grooves
    anyone else how similar the first verses of god is dead is to eternal idol?
    Yeah. Considering Iommi kept sabbath going the whole time from start til now, it doesn't surprise me that some of his riffs are similar to what he did in the "unknown days of the Tony Martin Era". Nobody else would really notice.
    I feel bad for people who haven't experienced Black Sabbath with all the other singers. haha
    Soo, they have one contracted employee drumming on the album, and another contracted employee drumming on the live shows?
    I have all the respect in the world for Sabbath, I grew up listening to them (my dad's a fan). But I can't help but feel that Ozzy just doesn't cut it anymore, which is a shame, because Tony and Geezer just seem in top form. I bet the album will sound awesome though.
    First riff sounds like Holier Than Thou..Looking forward to the album for sure
    My thoughts exactly. Love that song BTW, one of the more underrated Black Album stuff. This one's decent too.
    I can't hear Holier Than Thou without seeing Bob Rock air drumming in a restaurant, telling James and Lars how it should be the first single. Then the subtitle appears on the screen, "Yeah right, Bob!"
    I like Tommy and all but I wish Brad Wilk would've toured with them instead, well Bill if I had my
    They should just drop Ozzy from their live shows... He sounds horrible and seems the drag the whole experience down. That song was also very uninteresting imo...
    im the only one who thinks this is a recycled unimaginative riff? really?
    i think ppl are jus happy that this is the Sabbath we remember and LOVE. unchanged signature sound that we all had hoped for and maybe even a tad better with the younger fresher grooves from the studio drummer. i have to admit, at first i was really pi$$ed off that Bill was out but after hearing what i have heard, i have to wonder if Bill could bring the beats as tight? not trying to start any $hit. Bill is bad a$$
    You're not the only one. These new songs are nothing but ripoffs from their old stuff. I hoped Tony would have written something more exiting just like Alice did. AiC showed that you can write new songs that are as exiting as classic stuff and explore new territories. Plus Ozzy benefits much from Auto-Tune.
    Ripoffs of their old stuff? This has almost nothing to do with "classic Sabbath", it's similar to The Devil You Know.
    Sounded pretty generic. Made me think of slowed down Lamb Of God riffs.
    kill it
    Ozzy's voice has been pitchy and crap for years and it's obvious on these videos. I'd love to see a show on this tour but won't be breaking the bank for a ticket. Three or four years back I saw them with Dio (RIP) and he was still amazing.
    Sigh, it's shaping up to be just like the last Sabbs reunion I saw play....Ozzy was a total let down for that too.
    Wait, why is this super new news? (I mean it is awesome), but Auckland NZ got 4 of the new songs off '13' in total and we were the first shows on the tour...
    This and End of the Beginning are hopeful signs for a good Sabbath album. Ozzy's performance was shaky, but if it becomes a setlist regular then he'll improve.