Black Sabbath: Going Back To Where It All Started

artist: Black Sabbath date: 01/25/2012 category: upcoming releases
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Black Sabbath: Going Back To Where It All Started
According to, Black Sabbath's official Facebook page has been updated with a message about the progress of the songwriting sessions for the band's new album following the revelation earlier this month that guitarist Tony Iommi was diagnosed with cancer. "The guys have moved writing sessions from Los Angeles to Birmingham, England," the message reads. "Sabbath has gone back to where it all started and it's been just amazing. This is where the writing of the album will be completed. Funny how it all goes full circle sometimes." Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler last week wrote on his web site, "Today (January 19) we got the engines back up and running at Tony's home studio. Far from being down and depressed about his lymphoma diagnosis, Tony had already written the music for two new songs, and I must say it has given us all a kick up the rump - it's great to hear him churning out those riffs again, assuaging the Demon C." Butler continued, "Takes more than that to stop Tony. Can't wait for you all to hear our workings; it has been great working on this stuff." He added, "I want to thank the lovely encouraging emails sent to this site giving Tony love and encouragement and great vibes. It really does help, not only Tony, but us as a band - it raises up our spirits and restores our faith in this tarnished world." Iommi himself told The Pulse Of Radio shortly before his illness was diagnosed, that at the age of 63 he was busier than ever: "There's more than ever. You expect to sort of slow down at this time of life, but it's gone absolutely berserk. And it's great, I love it, being approached by different people to do projects - and well-known people. It's quite exciting." Sabbath announced this past November that the band's original lineup - Butler, Iommi, singer Ozzy Osbourne and drummer Bill Ward - was reuniting to record its first album in 33 years, to be followed by a world tour. The status of the tour has been thrown into question by Iommi's condition, although it has been reported that Iommi seemed to be responding well to early treatment. Sabbath is still scheduled to appear at this June's Download Festival in the U.K., although a planned headlining slot at April's Coachella Festival in California was scrapped. Iommi's bandmate in Sabbath and Heaven & Hell, legendary heavy metal singer Ronnie James Dio, died of stomach cancer in May 2010 at the age of 67.
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