Black Sabbath Post First Footage From New Album Sessions

Metal legends give us a behind the scenes preview of "13" studio sessions, talk about working with Rick Rubin and more.

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After announcing June as a release month for their forthcoming studio album, metal legends Black Sabbath have decided to give fans a chance to see what's been going on behind the scenes with a 3-minute video preview.

The video features band members talking about both the present and the past with frontman Ozzy Osboure calling "13" "quite possibly the most important album" of his career. The singer recently described the new album as "satanic blues", adding that he is no longer that "crazy, raging alcoholic drug addict" he used to be during the making of "Never Say Die" back in 1978.

"The new material, I really like it, I think it's really good and we got some good stuff going", says guitarist Tony Iommi.

As far as the production goes, the guitarist tells us both the band and the producer Rick Rubin are looking for "raw Sabbath" sound. The producer himself recently stated that he wants "13" to be able to compete with the first four Black Sabbath releases.

"I wanted to make an album that stood alongside their first four albums. The first album wasn't a straightforward heavy metal record. You could hear the jazz influence, so that was the goal, and to capture that live interaction."

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So are you excited about this one? The things seem to be going pretty good in the studio, but do you think the new album can truly match the classics from back in the day? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    Here's hoping Rick Rubin won't f*ck it up...
    Honestly though...
    This is my biggest fear with this album. Rubin can be really hit or miss as a producer. I really hope he's going for the raw sound that the band claims they want - I want a more vintage sounding sabbath album that isn't ridden with modern overcompression and overly loud mixing. Death Magnetic's production was AWFUL due to this.
    Really exited about this album. Cool to see Iommi pull out the acoustic guitar as well, I personally loved the acoustic sabbath track "Orchid" from Master of Reality
    My Last Words
    Agreed! All of his acoustics on the first 5 records were so unique. One only needs to mention songs like spiral architect, fluff, planet caravan, sleeping village.. the list goes on and on...
    I hadn't heard that track. Thanks for sharing and disregard the people here that have sand in their vaginas
    Danjo's Guitar
    Hopefully this is more what Rick Rubin did for the Chili Peppers and less what Rick Rubin did with Metallica. I'm excited though.
    Those tricky bastards! Absolutely no sneak previews?! But I suddenly want more! WITCHCRAFT I TELL YOU!
    I loved when they played the 'Symptom of the Universe' intro in the background. I've always thought that was the single most evil riff Tony ever came up with.
    Man, I was hoping for some clips of the new tracks! Oh well... soon enough!
    Finally a new album from one of the greatest rock bands ever, and will introduce Sabbath to a new age of fans. awesome
    Wow. "God Is Dead," "satanic blues," just two more things to get "Black Sabbath is satanic" people going.
    Not sure if anyone here ever visits Sputnik Music but everyone on that site are stuck up pieces of shit. Was reading their comments about this video and EVERY comment was "who cares?", "why are they even bothering?", "this is gonna be terrible". It was making me furious! Who are these dicks? But thank you UG for restoring some of my faith in humanity! I am so pumped for this. Go **** yourselves Sputnik Music.
    'we might be dead soon' 'who knows how much longer were gonna be able to play' and 'a legacy to live up to' but **** bill ward and the fans?
    I like how they are saying we're hoping to replicate older records and a raw sound yet the still frame for the video shows an avid desk. These guys have enough money and knowledge to do this old school. Shame i think.
    It can't hurt them, really. As long as the music is good it's hard to care about how they recorded it. Tony Iommi could record a riff into a potato and if it sounds good, I'd still like it.
    Let's not all get too obsessed with imagining how the production will sound. let's just enjoy the anticipation of hearing a new Sabbath album. Ozzy is crazy but his many experiences since leaving Sabbath have made him a better artist and if he's 'clean' then great. Tony Iommi has had a few years to come up with some new killer riffs so I am so looking forward to hearing what they come up with. Roll on June. Let's hope there's a gig in Manchester
    Im worried it isnt going to be the same without Bill Ward. To me its like Zeppelin without John Bonham, it just dosent make any sense to me.
    How does it not make sense? Are you retarded? How the FUCK can you not comprehend something as simple as that? RETAWD ALURT RETAWD ALURT RETAWD IN IN BULDING
    I get that a good song shines through no matter the recording etc but in terms of performance multi tracking over months wont give that 'raw' sound they are looking for same with the performance it wont feel as connected. IMO the best sabbath records are the first 3 and its because the way the drums and bass play of each other it feels intimiate and intense without Ward and that live aspect I feel this will lack oomph.
    They all look pretty stoked to be recording an album together, which is awesome. Can't wait for the new album!
    I like how Geezer Butler smiles when he says 'while we can still play...and sing.' Almost like he's not so convinced about the second one lol
    Jack White would have been a good producer... He understands vintage sounds and recording analog... Rubin is great at it too but listen to Death Magnetic kinda had me wondering.
    This shit is so god damn gay. I hate today's music, and where it's heading.