Black Sabbath Premiere Another '13' Track, 'Loner,' Live in Australia

Yet another new song gets a concert debut, as metal gods rip through "Loner" live in Melbourne.

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Metal gods Black Sabbath seem to be really keen on jamming their new tunes, and with the classic raw Sabbath groove back on, who can really blame them?

After previously debuting two "13" tracks live, the four-piece decided to give Melbourne yet another exclusive premiere during their May 1 performance, as they fired up "Loner," the song No. 3 off the upcoming release. With killer riffs galore, the tune might remind you of "N.I.B." one of the classics from their eponymous debut.

With a total length of five minutes, "Loner" ranks among the shorter songs on "13," with the first official single "God is Dead?" easily reaching the nine-minute mark. As the record's opening track, "End of the Beginning" also manages to cross the 8-minute figure.

Frontman Ozzy Osbourne recently expressed his excitement over the new album, calling it a "masterpiece," adding that he got "bowled over by the way it sounded." Set for a June 10 release, the record will become the first Sabbath studio effort to feature Osbourne on vocals since 1978 and "Never Say Die."

In related news, the bend has confirmed a string of four South American live shows via official Facebook announcement. The mini-trek will see the metal icons visiting Chile and Brazil during early October. You can check out the specific tour dates below.

Black Sabbath South American tour 2013:

10/04 - Santiago, Chile - Estadio Monumental 10/09 - Porto Alegre, Brazil - Fiergs 10/11 - Sao Paulo, Brazil - Pama-Campo De Marte 10/13 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Apoteose

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    When it comes to wether or not he still can sing, I'm usually one of his defenders, but man, Ozzy, you're making it really hard for me here! ' But then again, it was the first time performing this one live, and who knows how well he could hear the other instruments...
    Am I the only one around here who would rather listen to the full album as opposed to 1 song every other day?
    I like the song, but Ozzy honestly sounds pretty bad here. Not hard to understand considering he's had over 40 years of exposure to high volume levels, though, and I still respect him for trying.
    I hope Ozzy had a bad day. Beside that song is great. Go BS! \m/
    In my opinion, of all the new tracks premiered, this is by far the most old school-Sabbath sounding one. Awesomely done, guys.
    Yeah, he is like out of range but always by a constant margin. I think his hearing problems might be a factor. In any case, those were the less "alrigth now!" screams I've ever heard.
    Damn you Tony Iommi for writing the simplest riffs ever, but making them sound 100x better than me.
    Monitor Might Not Be Working Good... He Never Sounds That Off.. Great Song Though.
    The riffs are actually damn catchy on most songs so far, I think I can stand Ozzy thanks to that.
    Sammy Mantis
    The band sounds tight, Ozzy sounds like complete crap. Sorry, it's the truth. And no, it's not just this clip, all of these live vids debuting the new stuff have left this impression on me. I know, we all love Sabbath, but lets at least be honest here.
    Mix the dehumanizer demo caught in the middle with N.i.b and you get this song. which is awesome
    For everyone complaining about Ozzy...I saw them at the previous Melbourne shows and he seems to really struggle with new songs and maybe one or two others (electric funeral was awful) but apart from that he actually sounds quite good. War pigs and iron man actually sounded quite incredible, so if you get a chance to see them and you're a sabbath fan...just bite the bullet and buy a ticket!
    He was also like that at the second show to. He just stumbled around the new song lyrics
    Agreed, i saw them in Brisbane and bar a couple of songs Ozzy sounded great. The song Black Sabbath and some others were amazing!
    Good to see some new songs played live but they dropped Electric Funeral from the set to put it in...just like they dropped Sweet Leaf and The Wizard to put in the other two new songs...c'mon guys, just add a couple more songs onto the set.
    The middle quite part sounds a lot like N.I.B.'s "Your love for me it's got to be real" part...