Black Sabbath Premiere New Song 'End of the Beginning' Live

artist: Black Sabbath date: 04/22/2013 category: new releases
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Black Sabbath Premiere New Song 'End of the Beginning' Live
Although an exclusive premiere of the new Black Sabbath single "End Of The Beginning" is scheduled to take place during a "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" season finale cameo, metal veterans have decided to already include the upcoming single as a part of their live shows. Therefore, the new song found its way to the setlist of their world tour opener on April 20 in Auckland, New Zealand. Just last week, the band has officially premiered the new single "God Is Dead?," an epic 9-minute jam quite reminiscent of the classic Sabbath material. As for the "End of the Beginning," the tune might remind you of the group's debut album title track, starting off with a similar eerie riff, just to switch into a full-rocking groove afterwards. You can check out the bootleg footage from the concert below. In a recent chat with BBC, frontman Ozzy Osbourne talked about the latest studio work, his approach to vocal lines recording, as well as the entire experience of collaborating with producer Rick Rubin. "Rick Rubin did a great job producing it ... He wanted to go right back to the basics, when we did our first album. He was asking us questions about, 'When you did this track, did you have this and that?'" "With today's technology, you can sound like anybody. But what Rick Rubin did was he didn't overdub everything, he didn't make everything over the top, he just kept it like it was a live album. We were in the studio and we all recorded live. We would do a track a day and he knew when he had a good take. He wouldn't tell us. He would say, 'Try again. Try again' Just in case we'd get one better than the one he thought he had. And I was singing along with it." Ozzy has also revealed that he didn't strain his voice too much during the recording sessions. According to singer, no "studio trickery" was used, making him able to easily perform the new songs live. "You'll notice on the album that I'm not singing in a range that I can't sing live. Like in the old days, I used studio trickery - I'd do a verse and then I'd take a break, then do a chorus - and when it was all mixed together, I couldn't do it live. And I could do every one of these tracks live on stage. But Rubin had me sing it in a range that was comfortable to sing." The group's comeback album "13" is set for a June 11 release via Vertigo/Universal Records as the first Sabbath record to feature Osbourne on vocals since 1978 and "Never Say Die." The band has recently announced a month-long European tour at the end of November, starting with a Helsinki, Finland performance on November 20.
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